If there’s one thing my friendship with Kelley has taught me, it’s to never be afraid to BS with strangers on irrelevant matters.  These days, I’m a Netflix (streaming only) subscriber.  Every once in a while I get on there to search for a movie, or a tv show or an actor.  I’ve noticed that each time I search, my search results return something that is in no way related to what I searched for.  They might share a LETTER, but that is all. 

Today, I searched for Elvis Presley (in anticipation for what movie options I’ll have for August 16th) and I was not pleased with my results.  Maybe it’s the day or maybe it’s that time of the month (month end close… gotcha), but I lost my cool a little bit.  I got THREE results related to Elvis Presley.  I also got results ranging from Elvis Costello (I could have let this one slide) to ELVIRA (why is that shiz on Netflix) to Jamie Foxx.  All I wanted was what they had on Elvis Presley.  I don’t want 5 pages of results related to bologna I did not search for.  I decided to drop them some feedback.  Unfortunately (or fortunately), my only contact options were chat or to call them.  Since I hate talking on the phone, I opted for the chat session.  Here you go:

Welcome to Netflix Chat. How can we help you?
You are now chatting with: Jonathan

You: Hi Jonathan

Jonathan: HI there! Who am I chatting with today?

You: Emily

Jonathan: Hey there Emily. How can I help you today?

You: Well, I was hoping to find a place on the site to leave a comment/feedback about the site. Is this the best place to do so?

Jonathan: Absolutely, we love feedback. I’m all ears.

You: I’ve noticed that a lot of times I will search for a specific movie or actor and when I get my search results it contains a plethora of other artists/movies/shows etc that have nothing to do with the artist/movie/show I searched for.

You: For example, I just searched Elvis Presley. I got three results related to him and then a whole ton of others. Like Elvis Costello, Elvira and even Jamie Foxx. Is there a reason for this?

You: I’d rather only have the three search results that directly related to what I was searching for. Short and sweet. I don’t see the need to cloud the search results with a bunch of other mumbo jumbo I have no need for.

You: I hope this makes sense. Thanks for listening.

Jonathan: Of course, that’s a great call out. From my understanding, the search is mostly intuitive with closely matching names or things you could’ve possibly have been meaning to type. This an absolutely great suggestion though that I’ll pass on to research. I really appreciate you taking the time to call this out.

You: No problem – I’ve noticed this a few times and find it a little frustrating. Thanks for being warm to my feedback. I appreciate it and promise I am not a crazy person.

Jonathan: No, I totally appreciate your feedback and completely understand the craziness!

You: Thanks, Jonathan… have a great day!

Jonathan: Absolutely, you have one, too!

Now, whether or not he’ll actually mention my feedback to “research”, I have no idea.  But, at least for my piece of mind I voiced my complaint and managed to waste about 5 minutes of his time today.  It feels really good to BS with strangers sometimes.  I’m just glad I learned that lesson young. 

If in a month or two, I search for something and notice that the results only contain exactly what I searched for, then I’ll know that I effected (affected?) change for the first time in my life. 

Yes I can!


As of this week, we’ve got a new team member for the Charlotte walk!  Without further adieu, here’s her introduction from Jen:

“Bethany has bravely joined our group (even after seeing Emily’s training video). I’ll give you the basics, she’s an accountant so she’s automatically in. She currently works for the FBI, loves ice cream, just joined a bowling league and a kickball league, and is new to the DC area (recently moved from Boston). She’s super and she’ll be a great walker. Her main question about the walk was whether we’d be sleeping in tents – once she realized we are Westin ladies, she began to contemplate the walk so I know she’ll fit in perfectly.”

Welcome to the team, Bethany!  We’re excited to have you.  Here she is doing a bike tour last fall during Oktoberfest in Munich.  What a rockstar!

P.S. If anyone else is interested in joining the team, just let us know!  People’s generosity has been out of this world so far, so there’s plenty of time to get involved, fundraise and walk for those assets!

If anyone ever wonders why “a$$hole” is my favorite cuss word, well, this is why…

I don’t have any tattoos, but if I ever were to get one, this is what I’d get it…

Recently, my Mom put in a request that I write something about her.  I agreed, but it took me a week to figure out what story I wanted to share.  I knew something would come to me and sure enough it did over lunch today.  Two months ago, I was helping her set up for her clothes/trunk show (called “ETC”).  She put me in charge of organizing the two racks of sale clothes out in their garage, which was bordering on furnace level heat.  Is it still child abuse when you are 30?

After an hour of working, I decided to take a small break.  I began to look around at the garage and noticed some very interesting objects and object placements.  Thinking to myself that this would be great blog material, I snapped a few pictures.  In no particular order, aside from the last one being my favorite, here’s a peak at the inside of my parents garage.  It’s definitely used more than just for parking cars and keeping boxes of my elementary school artwork and projects (Mom, I promise when I house sit in July I will go through these).

Observation #1: The life size cactus

The Christmas Cactus?

The Christmas Cactus?

Observation #2: The stuffed chicken in a chair

Just takin' a load off

Just takin’ a load off

Observation #3: The body of a mannequin (side note: when ever you hear the word “mannequin” does it remind you of that awesome 80’s movie about the mannequin that comes to life?)

Close your eyes kids!

Close your eyes kids!

Observation #4: Dan’s childhood baseball certificate properly displayed on a shelf

50 years later and we're still proud!

50 years later and we’re still proud!

Observation #5: The chair on a chair in the air

Just hangin'

Just hangin’

Observation #6: My Christmas tree fully decorated and under wraps

After this post, there might not be any presents under this tree this year

After this post, there might not be any presents under this tree this year

Observation #7 (my favorite): The doll resting on a trash bag full of something with her leg propped up (I promise I did not do that)

Nobody puts the baby doll in the corner

Nobody puts the baby doll in the corner

Or Cable. 

That’s right, folks.  I called Time Warner yesterday and told them to CUT MY CABLE.  I was tired of paying $120 a month for internet and a plethora of TV shows I don’t even watch.  My bill is now down to $32 and I couldn’t be happier.  I really only watch the major networks and I can do that without paying for it. 

As much as I love getting sucked into a Kardashian marathon on a Sunday, there are far better things I can do with my time.  And that extra chump change would be better served spent on happy hour.

In my humble opinion.

Jen is off to an early lead in the flair department.  Check out her training outfit from yesterday.  There’s no way Jamila and I can compete with those shoes.  If for some reason the sun decides not to shine in Charlotte, I think our team will be ok since our leader obviously glows in the dark.

Wicked Witch of the East Coast meets Rainbow Brite?

Wicked Witch of the East Coast meets Rainbow Brite?

You may wonder how I inherited the name “Tina Turner Legs”. Well, a few years ago I was working out at my old Bally’s in Dallas, doing one of the leg machines, when a lady comes up to me. She says, “Damn, girl, you got Tina Turner legs”. I can’t imagine the look on my face when I said, “Thank you?” in return.

At the time I was working on a project with Jen and Jamila, so I shared the story with them. They found it hilarious and it’s been a joke between us ever since. Sometime after the comment was made, we were wrapping up work for the day, and I went into the ladies room to change into my workout gear, so I could hit the gym on my way home. I’m not a fan of gym locker rooms, so I preferred to change at the client site. Jen and Jamila could not believe I changed into my workout clothes at the CLIENT SITE so they decided to take a picture of me. I was feeling a little sassy, so decided to pose showing off one of my Tina Turner legs. They of course thought this photo was ridiculous, but it’s a photo Jamila and I have to take together every time we see each other. It’s really too much.

The original TT Legs - circa 2006

The original TT Legs – circa 2006

You can expect to see a lot of TT Legs on the walk in October.

Official TT Legs Pose of 2009

Official TT Legs Pose of 2009

Official TT Legs Pose of 2010

Official TT Legs Pose of 2010

Official TT Legs of 2011 - The most risque TT Legs to date

Official TT Legs of 2011 – The most risque TT Legs to date

File this one under: Reasons I should never go 3 years without a Rolling Stone subscription.

Last December, I was still pretty new to Spotify, but began exploring their Christmas tunes selection.  The She & Him Christmas album had just come out and was showing up often, so I figured I’d give it a whirl.  I looked at the cover, which was a picture of them, and realized the “She” was the actress from Elf (Zooey Deschanel).  Didn’t know she was also a musician.  Or let alone had a band.  I listened to the album a lot in December and really liked it.  But then January came and I stopped listening.

A month went by and upon a trip to see the Rubottom’s, I learned that I must (MUST) start watching New Girl (starring the “She”).  As per usual, I kept that in my back pocket for a month or so.  Then I caught up on the series on Hulu and fell in love with it.  Totally hilarious.  And then another month goes by and somehow I stumble upon the fact that She & Him had put out two albums prior to the Christmas one.

And since then, I’ve become slightly obsessed with both.  They have a really cool vintage feel to them… a little bit oldies, a little bit sunny 70’s Cali pop and a little bit Phil Spector Wall of Sound.  Obviously, I dig all of it.  And the cool thing I’ve learned about buying records these days (new ones, not used) is that not only do you get the record, but a free MP3 download of the album.

Come to find out, they played SxSW two years ago.  If only I had known about them then.  The “Him” (M. Ward) will be performing at ACL this year, so I’m excited about that.  It would be awesome if “She” would make a guest appearance, but I can understand if she doesn’t, so long as she’s filming new episodes of New Girl.

Favorite songs:

Ridin’ In My Car
Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?
I Thought I Saw Your Face Today
I Was Made For You
Black Hole

Sweet Darlin’

Just a warning… some of their songs are extremely catchy and have the ability to get stuck in your head for days.

And in case you were curious… I’ve recently re-subscribed to Rolling Stone.

Jen, Jamila, Christen and I have signed up to do the Avon 2 Day Breast Cancer Walk in Charlotte on October 27-28.  We’re all CPA’s and met while working at EY, so we (Christen) came up with the super clever team name “Walkin’ for our Assets”.  Between now and October, you’ll be seeing some blog updates related to training and the walk.  Christen is still a part of our team, but is now “knocked up” with twins, so she’ll be walking vicariously through us the end of October.  We’ll have to Skype her during the walk and such.  I’m really excited about it (insert jazz hands) and can’t wait to start raising money.

Speaking of… here’s a link to our team page.  And here’s a link to my fundraising page.  Stay tuned for more updates, including a training video recently shot.  Oh yeah.

The team:

Me, Jen and Christen enjoying a game of pool in DC

Me, Jen and Christen enjoying a game of pool in DC

Jamila and I "clownin'" outside of Jason's Deli

Jamila and I “clownin'” outside of Jason’s Deli

Nicknames for the team:

Jen = JB(a) (recently married, so we have to accomodate the new initial)

Jamila = JAM (see James Brown video at the 1:05 mark)

Christen = Little Dipper (inside crockpot joke)

Me = Tina Turner Legs/Jazz Hands (cause they’re my favorite)

And last but not least… the special lady I’m walking for!