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Last night, I had a very vivid dream that Mary Tyler Moore died.  And the only way I was able to get through it was knowing I could rely on Rhoda and her sense of humor.

Come to find out this morning, Valerie Harper has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and has less than 3 months to live.

As a child, I was older than my years in terms of music and television.  I only listened to the oldies station and I preferred Nick at Nite to Nickelodeon programming.  The MTM show was one of my absolutely favorites, and most of it was attributed to Rhoda’s character, the funny one.


I’m sad and a little bit freaked out this morning.


Today is Rocky’s (designated) 5th birthday.  He was serenaded by his tia and tio this morning, got a new stuffed animal, a few treats and gets to spend the next week playing with his cousins in Spicewood. 

Happy birthday, Rockman!  You’re the bestest friend a gal could have…

Making videos is starting to rank up there with making mixed tapes in terms of the fun factor.  Another coworker and I created the below video for our team for the accounting department annual meeting last week.  It was a hit, the only problem was we didn’t leave enough time in between shots to account for laughter.  Oh well…

You may wonder how I inherited the name “Tina Turner Legs”. Well, a few years ago I was working out at my old Bally’s in Dallas, doing one of the leg machines, when a lady comes up to me. She says, “Damn, girl, you got Tina Turner legs”. I can’t imagine the look on my face when I said, “Thank you?” in return.

At the time I was working on a project with Jen and Jamila, so I shared the story with them. They found it hilarious and it’s been a joke between us ever since. Sometime after the comment was made, we were wrapping up work for the day, and I went into the ladies room to change into my workout gear, so I could hit the gym on my way home. I’m not a fan of gym locker rooms, so I preferred to change at the client site. Jen and Jamila could not believe I changed into my workout clothes at the CLIENT SITE so they decided to take a picture of me. I was feeling a little sassy, so decided to pose showing off one of my Tina Turner legs. They of course thought this photo was ridiculous, but it’s a photo Jamila and I have to take together every time we see each other. It’s really too much.

The original TT Legs - circa 2006

The original TT Legs – circa 2006

You can expect to see a lot of TT Legs on the walk in October.

Official TT Legs Pose of 2009

Official TT Legs Pose of 2009

Official TT Legs Pose of 2010

Official TT Legs Pose of 2010

Official TT Legs of 2011 - The most risque TT Legs to date

Official TT Legs of 2011 – The most risque TT Legs to date

I don’t always listen to the suggestions of others, at least not immediately.  As my Mom says, I always do things on my own time table.  For the last year, my friend, Debbie, has been telling me over and over again how awesome a series Breaking Bad is and how I need to watch it.  I kept this trinket in my back pocket, but it wasn’t until about a month ago that I started to watch it from the beginning on Netflix.

Girl was not playing.  That show is ridiculously good.  In the last month I’ve watched all 4 seasons, which is about 35 hours of watching, which is slightly pathetic, but not in this case.  For anyone with a Netflix subscription, I highly recommend it.  Season 5, which is the final season (tear) starts mid July.  Plenty of time for anyone to catch up… especially if you were to get hooked like myself.  It’s really all I could think about for a couple of weeks.  The only other show I’ve allowed in my schedule is New Girl (totes recommend that one, too), so now I have to go back and catch up on everything that’s been building up on my DVR.  Which is a depressing thought  because I know nothing will compare to Breaking Bad.

This show is no joke…

I snapped this pre-bedtime pic of Gamma’s nightstand the last time I visited.  I guess visits to grandmother’s house aren’t as innocent as they used to be…

A couple months ago (seriously behind on the blog), I attended an arts fundraiser with the folks where the main entertainment was a Beatles cover band.  They were legit.  I tried to withstand the peer pressure of getting up and dancing with my parents and their friends, but there’s only so long you can hold out when it’s the Beatles.  I was easily the youngest there (on the dance floor), but I for sure held my own. 

The following quote from the movie “Sliding Doors” easily rings true for me… I’m one of these babies:

James: Everybody’s born knowing all the Beatles lyrics instinctively. They’re passed into the fetus subconsciously along with all the amniotic stuff. Fact, they should be called “The Fetals”.

For reals. 

I’m in the process of writing a new list of my favorite songs (you’re welcome) and decided to skim through the Beatles catalog on my iPod.  I think it’s virtually impossible to pick out one Beatles song as being a favorite.  I know all the words to basically all of them and they each elicit a different emotional response… I love them all. 

[Lightbulb] I need to create a favorite Beatles playlist. 

Have I ever said how much I love making lists?  Lists make me happy and that’s probably why I get/love the movie High Fidelity so much.  No one may give a rats a__ about my lists, but it brings me joy to make them, so that’s that.

Oh, I just realized the night of the Beatles concert was the night Whitney Houston died.  Let’s take a moment and remember her…

Or not.

Workin’ from the couch with The Boss on the TV… pretty much the ideal way to do business.



My Mom has been on a mission the last couple years to get another dog.  She walks dogs at the local SPCA multiple times a week, so keeps her eyes peeled for potential dogs to adopt.  Up until now, Dan has resisted, but I guess she finally wore him down and he caved.

Two weeks ago a batch of basset puppies came in and she talked Dan into letting them “foster” one for two weeks.  As if they were really going to return a cute puppy after two weeks.  I went with her to pick one out and we eventually picked Pete because he was just like Charlie… totally laid back and could really care less about playing with his siblings or trying to get attention from potential parents.  He totally white-men-can’t-jump-ed us… not long after arriving at their house, he was out of his shell.  And continues to liven up each passing day.  I really enjoy when he barks at the air. 

I went out again last weekend to see the little guy and take some pictures with The Rebel.  These are some favorites…

I think the look on Charlie’s face says it all, “First you bring that little rat around all the time and now a puppy?”.