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This is not my favorite month.  I even hate it so much that I purposely misspelled “you’re” above, the grammatical error that irks me the most (I think I broke up with a guy over this before, among other things, but he always got it wrong even after I corrected him on it many times… and yes, I do realize there’s a change I’ll always be single).  Anyways, this August has to go on record as one of the worst since 1977 (when Elvis died).  In summary, it’s been hot.  And it’s been raining cars and dogs, figuratively not literally, in the money expenditures department.

Last Sunday, the car wouldn’t start.  Assumed it was the battery, which is was, but also a broken thermostat and cracked rear shock.  The thermostat I can’t vouch for, but the battery and shock repair were obviously legit.  NTB told me about the shock back in February when I got my tires replaced, but I said no to them on repairing it in typical cheap Emily fashion.  It wasn’t an emergency fix, I’m not that negligent a car owner.

Today, Rocky went in for his bi-annual teeth cleaning.  Little guy needed 5 extractions on his front bottom teeth (I’ve never counted, but I can’t envision there being more than 6).  They charge like $30-45 PER extraction, so that adds up, especially on top of the blood panel, actual teeth cleaning, and antibiotics.  If they charge me for clipping his nails, which I requested they do while he’s knocked out because he hates it so much, then I’ll really lose my $hit.  The good news is he is fine and recovering, and after doing some research I learned that it is important to extract them if they’re loose. Otherwise it’s painful and they could get a bacterial infection.  I’m just nervous to pick him up and take a peek at his teeth.  If I had any money left, I’d go to the east side and get him fitted with a gold grill for the bottom front.  But, after all this, I am not broke, but on the verge of tears based on how much I’ve spent in the last not even 7 days, so we’ll have to put the grill on his list for Santa.        

My Mom reassured me that it always happens like this… every once in a while you get hit out of the blue with major expenses.  She also told me that I didn’t need to go crazy and sell my car and start subsiding on beans and rice.  But, I’m considering it.  The latter part of that statement.  I really love my car and want to hang onto it for a long time.  I just might want to consider getting a second job… like at Starbucks where I can at least get my coffee habit paid for.  Or if Walter White was real and lived in Austin, I might do a little freelance work for him.  Ha.            

Oh, and one last bit of crappy for August.  Time Warner finally cut off my free cable.  Bastards.  I thought I might be a glitch in the system or somehow my apartment complex provided free basic cable, but I guess I was wrong.  I went so far as to call them to report an outting but they said they didn’t see anything for my area.  They put me on hold to connect me to a techie who could help me pinpoint the problem, but after waiting about 15 mins I gave up.  I was slightly curious to see how far they would go before looking at my account and realizing I wasn’t paying for any TV.  I decided to take the advice of another cable-less friend and ordered an HD antenna that looks like the Star Trek enterprise.  It comes tomorrow and fingers are crossed I get all the channels, especially NBC, because that’s my jam.  In the meantime, I’ve started Mad Men from the beginning on Netflix and am doing just fine.  Take that, Time Warner.  And August. 

But, not too hard, August, because I don’t want any other bombs dropped on me in the next 10 days.  Which, I’m guessing I probably just jinxed myself with that statement.


Rolling into the office on a Friday morning tired as all get out is never any fun.  What’s worse is when you are talking about how tired you are with your 24 year old coworker and realize she’s tired because she was out partying until 2am, whereas you went to bed at 10 but couldn’t fall asleep until midnight because of the caffeine in some super dark chocolate ice cream you ate earlier.

30 is still the jam though.

Days like today don’t come around that often.  Aside from listening to music, making mixed “tapes”, and going to concerts, shopping for records has to be one of my favorite hobbies.  The excitement of flipping through the bins of records, not knowing what you might find is a joy.  You can find almost any album new on vinyl these days, but I prefer to buy used.  Not only is it cheaper and smells like the public library, but finding them requires a bit of luck so they hold a sense of accomplishment.

Y’all know I love post-it notes.  I made this one last week of albums I’d like to find soon.  I did some ebay-ing, but the prices there are pretty high compared to what they are when you find them on a whim at Half Price Books or Waterloo Records. 

Being Friday, I decided to take an extended lunch break and waltz over to Waterloo Records to peruse their used records.  Aside from laying on the beach and drinking, this is my favorite way to pass the time.  I went straight to the back to flip through the bins of records organized by what day they came in this week.  I imagine there are people out there that stalk these record bins on a daily basis.  Things were definitely in my favor today, because within a couple of rows I had found 2 out of 3.

Pretty frickin’ awesome.  I think today’s find ranks second behind the day I found Pet Sounds and Abbey Road at a Half Price Books in Richardson (again on my lunch break… shhh).  It’s a rare feat to come away with what you went looking for.  And not only did I find those, but I walked out with a handful of others that rock my world.

Part of the weekend agenda is to find a new bookshelf/TV stand where I can house all these records.  I used to be able to keep them in two bins, but the number of them has grown and it looks like stack in the corner of my bedroom has thrown up all over itself.  Plus, I want them in my living room where I can listen more often.  It’s amazing how much more enjoyable cooking and napping on the couch are when a record is playing. 

The hunt is still out for the 3rd album on my list.  It might require me to anty up because I just don’t think I’m going to be THAT lucky.  It’s a little more obscure of an album.  Here’s to hoping!

Last Friday was a day of total geeking out for me. 

First, there was a sample sale at WFM, meaning you grab as many supplement samples as you want and you leave a donation for them.  I raped this sale.  I’ve now got a year supply of protein powder and some really expensive cocoa powder.  Antioxidants, y’all!

Second, there was a one-day only sale on salmon going on at the store.  I bought 4lbs of Alaska Troll Caught Salmon for 8.99 (before my discount). Ye-ah!

Third, the New Girl Summer Bus Tour came through town and I went.  Dragging my Mom of course.  If it wasn’t for her, I probably would have gone home empty-handed (aka with no shirt).  She won me a pair of glasses, as seen in the pic, but I was able to trade it out for a t-shirt later.  You know me and t-shirts.

This is not the first time in my life I wished I had some non-prescription glasses to wear.

My geeking out ended about noon and I was EXHAUSTED.  That’s what good geeking out does to you.  It also makes the workday fly by.  Holla!

If there’s one thing my friendship with Kelley has taught me, it’s to never be afraid to BS with strangers on irrelevant matters.  These days, I’m a Netflix (streaming only) subscriber.  Every once in a while I get on there to search for a movie, or a tv show or an actor.  I’ve noticed that each time I search, my search results return something that is in no way related to what I searched for.  They might share a LETTER, but that is all. 

Today, I searched for Elvis Presley (in anticipation for what movie options I’ll have for August 16th) and I was not pleased with my results.  Maybe it’s the day or maybe it’s that time of the month (month end close… gotcha), but I lost my cool a little bit.  I got THREE results related to Elvis Presley.  I also got results ranging from Elvis Costello (I could have let this one slide) to ELVIRA (why is that shiz on Netflix) to Jamie Foxx.  All I wanted was what they had on Elvis Presley.  I don’t want 5 pages of results related to bologna I did not search for.  I decided to drop them some feedback.  Unfortunately (or fortunately), my only contact options were chat or to call them.  Since I hate talking on the phone, I opted for the chat session.  Here you go:

Welcome to Netflix Chat. How can we help you?
You are now chatting with: Jonathan

You: Hi Jonathan

Jonathan: HI there! Who am I chatting with today?

You: Emily

Jonathan: Hey there Emily. How can I help you today?

You: Well, I was hoping to find a place on the site to leave a comment/feedback about the site. Is this the best place to do so?

Jonathan: Absolutely, we love feedback. I’m all ears.

You: I’ve noticed that a lot of times I will search for a specific movie or actor and when I get my search results it contains a plethora of other artists/movies/shows etc that have nothing to do with the artist/movie/show I searched for.

You: For example, I just searched Elvis Presley. I got three results related to him and then a whole ton of others. Like Elvis Costello, Elvira and even Jamie Foxx. Is there a reason for this?

You: I’d rather only have the three search results that directly related to what I was searching for. Short and sweet. I don’t see the need to cloud the search results with a bunch of other mumbo jumbo I have no need for.

You: I hope this makes sense. Thanks for listening.

Jonathan: Of course, that’s a great call out. From my understanding, the search is mostly intuitive with closely matching names or things you could’ve possibly have been meaning to type. This an absolutely great suggestion though that I’ll pass on to research. I really appreciate you taking the time to call this out.

You: No problem – I’ve noticed this a few times and find it a little frustrating. Thanks for being warm to my feedback. I appreciate it and promise I am not a crazy person.

Jonathan: No, I totally appreciate your feedback and completely understand the craziness!

You: Thanks, Jonathan… have a great day!

Jonathan: Absolutely, you have one, too!

Now, whether or not he’ll actually mention my feedback to “research”, I have no idea.  But, at least for my piece of mind I voiced my complaint and managed to waste about 5 minutes of his time today.  It feels really good to BS with strangers sometimes.  I’m just glad I learned that lesson young. 

If in a month or two, I search for something and notice that the results only contain exactly what I searched for, then I’ll know that I effected (affected?) change for the first time in my life. 

Yes I can!

If anyone ever wonders why “a$$hole” is my favorite cuss word, well, this is why…

I don’t have any tattoos, but if I ever were to get one, this is what I’d get it…

Or Cable. 

That’s right, folks.  I called Time Warner yesterday and told them to CUT MY CABLE.  I was tired of paying $120 a month for internet and a plethora of TV shows I don’t even watch.  My bill is now down to $32 and I couldn’t be happier.  I really only watch the major networks and I can do that without paying for it. 

As much as I love getting sucked into a Kardashian marathon on a Sunday, there are far better things I can do with my time.  And that extra chump change would be better served spent on happy hour.

In my humble opinion.

I know I really need to get this blog fired up again.  I’m doing a baby post today.  Gotta get my feet wet. 

One of my pet peeves is when you send someone an email, text, etc and they don’t return it.  It’s like it just went off into la la land and you have no idea if you’ll ever get a response.  Happened to me this week at work as I was waiting on a reply to an email I sent a couple of weeks ago.  Which I followed up on again Monday.  Then again on Tuesday.  Then again on Wednesday.  I mean… $hit has to get done around here, give me a response. 

Side note, one of my many talents is applying song lyrics to real life situations to make me feel better about them.  Immediately, this song came to mind and it’s sorta my theme song this week.  It’s jazzy and really, who doesn’t love a little Phil Collins on a Friday afternoon? 

By the way, I finally got a response.  Somebody’s listening.

Today, I spent the better part of the day watching the below video.  After watching it more times than I’ll admit, I have dreams of re-creating it in the same fashion as my Regina Spektor video from back in the day.   Maybe now that I’m 30, I can see things much clearer than before, because it’s pretty obvious to me today that I have obviously missed my true calling in life.  As anyone who has attended a wedding with me in the last six months knows, I’m a big fan of interpretive dancing.  It’s just one of those amazing skills that I possess.

Clearly, I was meant to be a backup dancer on Solid Gold.