Days like today don’t come around that often.  Aside from listening to music, making mixed “tapes”, and going to concerts, shopping for records has to be one of my favorite hobbies.  The excitement of flipping through the bins of records, not knowing what you might find is a joy.  You can find almost any album new on vinyl these days, but I prefer to buy used.  Not only is it cheaper and smells like the public library, but finding them requires a bit of luck so they hold a sense of accomplishment.

Y’all know I love post-it notes.  I made this one last week of albums I’d like to find soon.  I did some ebay-ing, but the prices there are pretty high compared to what they are when you find them on a whim at Half Price Books or Waterloo Records. 

Being Friday, I decided to take an extended lunch break and waltz over to Waterloo Records to peruse their used records.  Aside from laying on the beach and drinking, this is my favorite way to pass the time.  I went straight to the back to flip through the bins of records organized by what day they came in this week.  I imagine there are people out there that stalk these record bins on a daily basis.  Things were definitely in my favor today, because within a couple of rows I had found 2 out of 3.

Pretty frickin’ awesome.  I think today’s find ranks second behind the day I found Pet Sounds and Abbey Road at a Half Price Books in Richardson (again on my lunch break… shhh).  It’s a rare feat to come away with what you went looking for.  And not only did I find those, but I walked out with a handful of others that rock my world.

Part of the weekend agenda is to find a new bookshelf/TV stand where I can house all these records.  I used to be able to keep them in two bins, but the number of them has grown and it looks like stack in the corner of my bedroom has thrown up all over itself.  Plus, I want them in my living room where I can listen more often.  It’s amazing how much more enjoyable cooking and napping on the couch are when a record is playing. 

The hunt is still out for the 3rd album on my list.  It might require me to anty up because I just don’t think I’m going to be THAT lucky.  It’s a little more obscure of an album.  Here’s to hoping!