I don’t always listen to the suggestions of others, at least not immediately.  As my Mom says, I always do things on my own time table.  For the last year, my friend, Debbie, has been telling me over and over again how awesome a series Breaking Bad is and how I need to watch it.  I kept this trinket in my back pocket, but it wasn’t until about a month ago that I started to watch it from the beginning on Netflix.

Girl was not playing.  That show is ridiculously good.  In the last month I’ve watched all 4 seasons, which is about 35 hours of watching, which is slightly pathetic, but not in this case.  For anyone with a Netflix subscription, I highly recommend it.  Season 5, which is the final season (tear) starts mid July.  Plenty of time for anyone to catch up… especially if you were to get hooked like myself.  It’s really all I could think about for a couple of weeks.  The only other show I’ve allowed in my schedule is New Girl (totes recommend that one, too), so now I have to go back and catch up on everything that’s been building up on my DVR.  Which is a depressing thought  because I know nothing will compare to Breaking Bad.

This show is no joke…