My Mom has been on a mission the last couple years to get another dog.  She walks dogs at the local SPCA multiple times a week, so keeps her eyes peeled for potential dogs to adopt.  Up until now, Dan has resisted, but I guess she finally wore him down and he caved.

Two weeks ago a batch of basset puppies came in and she talked Dan into letting them “foster” one for two weeks.  As if they were really going to return a cute puppy after two weeks.  I went with her to pick one out and we eventually picked Pete because he was just like Charlie… totally laid back and could really care less about playing with his siblings or trying to get attention from potential parents.  He totally white-men-can’t-jump-ed us… not long after arriving at their house, he was out of his shell.  And continues to liven up each passing day.  I really enjoy when he barks at the air. 

I went out again last weekend to see the little guy and take some pictures with The Rebel.  These are some favorites…

I think the look on Charlie’s face says it all, “First you bring that little rat around all the time and now a puppy?”.