During my recent trip to NYC/LBI, I had the pleasure of toting along my new camera, aka “The Rebel”.  I wasn’t the designated picture taker for the weekend, but decided I’d bring it along to play around with it a bit.  My favorite feature so far is the sports setting.  You can just hold down the clicker and it takes a ton of pictures really quickly.

I can’t show my favorite sequence, it involves a lighthouse and is a bit naughty, but I can show the sequence that produced the most amazing picture ever.

At first glance, we just thought it looked like a fun sequence of pictures.  But, upon second glance we realized we were sitting on a bid of gold.  Alyson had just taken a shower and clipped back part of her hair as it was drying.  Look a little closer…

That is one fine lookin’ mullet if I’ve ever seen one!  Of course, this inspired me to do a little photoshop action… clearly, I had a vision.  And it involved two words, four syllables.

El Camino.  The mullet of cars.  Business in the front, party in the back.  Rawr.