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If I needed further confirmation that my dog plays for the other team… I think I got it from this picture.  He looks like he’s about to passionately plant one on Pete!


My Mom has been on a mission the last couple years to get another dog.  She walks dogs at the local SPCA multiple times a week, so keeps her eyes peeled for potential dogs to adopt.  Up until now, Dan has resisted, but I guess she finally wore him down and he caved.

Two weeks ago a batch of basset puppies came in and she talked Dan into letting them “foster” one for two weeks.  As if they were really going to return a cute puppy after two weeks.  I went with her to pick one out and we eventually picked Pete because he was just like Charlie… totally laid back and could really care less about playing with his siblings or trying to get attention from potential parents.  He totally white-men-can’t-jump-ed us… not long after arriving at their house, he was out of his shell.  And continues to liven up each passing day.  I really enjoy when he barks at the air. 

I went out again last weekend to see the little guy and take some pictures with The Rebel.  These are some favorites…

I think the look on Charlie’s face says it all, “First you bring that little rat around all the time and now a puppy?”.

During my recent trip to NYC/LBI, I had the pleasure of toting along my new camera, aka “The Rebel”.  I wasn’t the designated picture taker for the weekend, but decided I’d bring it along to play around with it a bit.  My favorite feature so far is the sports setting.  You can just hold down the clicker and it takes a ton of pictures really quickly.

I can’t show my favorite sequence, it involves a lighthouse and is a bit naughty, but I can show the sequence that produced the most amazing picture ever.

At first glance, we just thought it looked like a fun sequence of pictures.  But, upon second glance we realized we were sitting on a bid of gold.  Alyson had just taken a shower and clipped back part of her hair as it was drying.  Look a little closer…

That is one fine lookin’ mullet if I’ve ever seen one!  Of course, this inspired me to do a little photoshop action… clearly, I had a vision.  And it involved two words, four syllables.

El Camino.  The mullet of cars.  Business in the front, party in the back.  Rawr.

This happens to everyone at some point or another… you’re at your desk, carrying on multiple IM conversations and you accidentally send the wrong message to the wrong person.  Today, I was talking to a co-worker about my Urban Dictionary word-of-the-day, while carrying on a conversation with Amy about UT football tickets.

Today’s word is “mouse arrest”.  Which means getting grounded from the family computer.  I don’t know if it’s because it’s Friday or what, but I thought it was funny.  After sharing the word and definition with my coworker, I began to type the sample phrase they include, but of course, I sent it to Amy accidentally.  Whoops.

Me: Do you know what face value are for them in that section?

Amy: I think it is $75

Me:  ok, so those you found are probably FV

Amy: the UT box office has $75 as the price for all tix for that game
            Stub Hub has some for $65-68
            not much of a difference

Me: I’d say go ahead and get those and I’ll just work on getting the extra ticket
           from our family friend… unless  you can wait a week or two.  

          after my mom found my pornfolio, she put me on mouse arrest

 Amy: haha

 Me: sorry… wrong IM

 Amy: hahahahaha
          I still really enjoyed it

Totally a random thing to IM and I’m just glad it went to Amy and not someone else who’d I’d feel uncormfortable discussing my “pornfolio” with.