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The other day, as I was doing my dutiful job of watching Rocky drop Lincoln Logs, I was approached by a random passer-byer.  She made some kind of random comment/joke about watching my dog poop and I gave her the courtesy laugh and assumed that once she walked on past us, that would be the end of our interaction.

As Rocky and I proceeded to go back inside my apartment complex, she turns around and starts walking towards me.  She says, “Hey, do by chance have any herb to sell?”.  I almost start to giggle, because I’m such a square that I would never in a million years have any “herb” to sell, let alone use (please no comments from the NYE peanut gallery).  Of course, unless she was interested in the dead herbs I have currently resting in peace on my balcony.  I would have been willing to make her a sweet deal on those.  Instead, I told her no, but that she wouldn’t have a hard time finding any in this town. 

So, either she was pretty desperate or I need to start rethinking my wardrobe.