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I found this last week while going through old photo albums at Gamma’s.  Look how I tooted my own horn TWICE in this thank YOU note.  In the words of my sister, “What a brat!”.

Clearly, I write going downhill… doesn’t that mean something?  Like I am depressed? 

I also find it comical how I always used to sign my last name, too.  As if Gamma and Pop had another grandchild named Emily to whom they gave money, “pant’s” and a shirt to for her birthday in October.  It’s like when I call my Mom and leave a message saying, “Hi Mom, it’s Emily”… as if there is anyone else that calls her “Mom”?

Last comment… look at that giant exclamation point at the end.  I was really a Proud Panther.


I love them.  Now that I don’t receive 15 Elvis calendars a year for Christmas, I have to venture out and find my own.  Last year my daily calendar was The Office.  It was always entertaining.  This year, I’m going with one from Urban Dictionary.  I typically only learn new slang words and phrases when Jamila visits, so I figured this would be a good opportunity to expand my street vocabulary.

Today I learned that I have a “people voice”.  Here is the definition:

The voice someone uses when talking to people who aren’t their friends.  This voice is automatically happy, nicer, and sweeter than their normal voice; it is also often more high-pitched.  This is the voice people use when answering a telephone, talking to their boss, or when working in retail”.

It’s really true.  I have a people voice.  I expect my friends would agree.  In high school, I used to get made fun of when my Grandma J called and I answered, “HI GRANDMA” in a super high-pitched voice.  What makes me do it?  Who knows.

A couple other phrases have also hit home…

“That’s crazy”.  The perfect response when you haven’t been listening at all; it works whether the other person has been saying something funny, sad, infuriating, or boring.  I’m totally guilty of this. 

“Frunk”.  To act very drunk when you have not consumed as much alcohol as you said, to fake being drunk.  Don’t hold it against me, but when I was a kid and my Dad would let me have an O’Douls, I would totally frunk.   I thought it was funny.  I still do.

I’ve never blogged resolutions before and I’m not entirely sure I’ve even made them in recent years.  Over the last week or two I’ve come up with a handful of them.  Here they are in no particular (or maybe a wee bit particular):

1.  Grow in my relationship with Christ through daily prayer, studying the Bible and finding a church community in Austin.

2.  Pass the last two parts of the CPA exam.  Side note:  Taking the Regulation section on 2/26/11.  In the meantime, I am asking for prayers and coffee gift cards.

3. Get back into “Emily circa 2005” shape.  Archon and studying have taken a little toll on me.

4.  Join a new organization and do some volunteering.

5.  Let my hair grow.  It’s bordering on long for me (shoulder length) and I’m curious as to what it would look like on me.  No serious cutting before June.  Or July because I have bridesmaid duties on the 23rd!

6.  Run into Sandra Bullock and baby Louis somewhere around town.  Double bonus if Ryan Reynolds is visiting at the time.   

There you have it…. BRING IT ON, 2011!

From Abe Frohman.  Sausage King of Chicago.