I don’t know how many people get a party thrown for them when they retire, let alone one as nice as the docents at the museum threw for my Mom.  They are such a fantastic group of people and it was fun to be able to attend the party!

Here is the cake they had made for her.  It showcases only a handful of the exhibits the museum has had during her time at AMOA (Austin Museum of Art).

But, my favorite part of the party, aside from seeing them all dressed as my Mom in sweater/skirt combos, was the song they performed.  It’s to the tune of “Born in the USA” but called “Tours at AMOA”.  Pretty special.  I just need to learn to keep quiet when filming anything.  I can hear myself on here giggling like an idiot.

All of the docents had such nice things to say about my Mom and have officially declared her as one of the legends of the museum.  Believe it or not, I even cried at the party.