The other day I was leaving work and scooted to the elevator with my afternoon snack in hand.  Upon entering the elevator, I noticed the Engine 2 book author, Rip Esselstyn, standing there with his bike.  I couldn’t get over how cool this “celebrity sighting” was.  His vegetable lasagna recipe is a favorite of mine.  And I also admire any tough firefighter dude that loves his veggies. 

After a few seconds it dawned on me that the snack I was just beginning to enjoy was an animal product in the form of greek yogurt.  Rip is a vegan.  I casually tried to tuck the Fage under my arm and out of sight, but I imagine he still caught a glimse.  I thought… of all the days I don’t eat my snack before leaving (which I always do), I run into Rip on the elevator.  Go figure.