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On Christmas Eve, my sister busted out some new Xbox dance game.  You watch the screen and try to emulate the dance moves.  It’s pretty much hilarious watching anyone do it, but it’s even more so watching Lance.  Because he takes it really, really seriously.  Here is my Christmas gift to the readers of my blog… 

Lance dancing to “Soulja Boy”.  Pay attention to the end.  He waves one of his hands in front of his face (I guess to signify his routine is over)… it’s my favorite part.  Also, please excuse the giggling/laughing from me.


I don’t know how many people get a party thrown for them when they retire, let alone one as nice as the docents at the museum threw for my Mom.  They are such a fantastic group of people and it was fun to be able to attend the party!

Here is the cake they had made for her.  It showcases only a handful of the exhibits the museum has had during her time at AMOA (Austin Museum of Art).

But, my favorite part of the party, aside from seeing them all dressed as my Mom in sweater/skirt combos, was the song they performed.  It’s to the tune of “Born in the USA” but called “Tours at AMOA”.  Pretty special.  I just need to learn to keep quiet when filming anything.  I can hear myself on here giggling like an idiot.

All of the docents had such nice things to say about my Mom and have officially declared her as one of the legends of the museum.  Believe it or not, I even cried at the party.

I am really loving the new Cee-Lo album.  Of course, my love for the F you song was what initially got me to buy the album, but I’m really loving the rest of it, too.

On the second track, “Bright Lights, Bigger City” there is a spot where you hear the faintest sound of a siren in the background.  Every stinking time I hear it, I immediately hit the brakes and look in my rearview mirror for an ambulance or fire truck.  When I see nothing, I realize I’ve been tricked again by the song.  You’d think I’d catch on, but this has happened close to 10 times.  I’m obviously not catching on.

Why am I so gullible all the time?

The other day I was leaving work and scooted to the elevator with my afternoon snack in hand.  Upon entering the elevator, I noticed the Engine 2 book author, Rip Esselstyn, standing there with his bike.  I couldn’t get over how cool this “celebrity sighting” was.  His vegetable lasagna recipe is a favorite of mine.  And I also admire any tough firefighter dude that loves his veggies. 

After a few seconds it dawned on me that the snack I was just beginning to enjoy was an animal product in the form of greek yogurt.  Rip is a vegan.  I casually tried to tuck the Fage under my arm and out of sight, but I imagine he still caught a glimse.  I thought… of all the days I don’t eat my snack before leaving (which I always do), I run into Rip on the elevator.  Go figure.

WHAT?!?  Who in the hell hijacked this blog?  Emily never loves her job.

Tis true, my friends.  Of course, I’m still new and don’t really know what all I’ll be doing yet, but so far I love my job.  People are friendly.  There’s no dress code.  You can work the hours of your choosing.  You can work from home.  You work above the most magical grocery store in the world.  The get 20% off at said magical store.  You get to work in the store during the holidays (for fun, if you want).  The kitchen cleaning products used are Mrs. Meyers brand.  There’s a fresh supply of almond milk, soy milk, regular milk and half and half in the fridge.  And the icing on the cake, you ask?  There’s a freaking Vita-Mix in the kitchen.


I’ve come to realize that a weekend in NYC is about as therapeutic as a week on the beach in Cabo.  Opposite ends on the relaxation spectrum of course.  I had never been to the city at Christmastime and decided to cross that off my to-do list for the year.  Luckily, 4Janks was accepting visitors.

When I arrived, I headed straight to meet Alyson and then we headed straight to the Red Lion.  Suitcase in tow.  It was Sarah’s birthday (the other half of apartment 4Janks).  Vodka, O Bomb, vodka, O Bomb, O Bomb, O Bomb… we’ll you get the picture.  It was a fun night and someone may or may not of lost a mole (mole, mole, mole) in the process.

Sexiest Birthday Girl Alive…

After the Red Lion, we headed to Automatic Slims.  Suitcase still in tow.  I’ve never had to roll through a dance floor before, literally.  I kept uttering out “excuse me”s for the hundreds of toes I rolled over.  Oops.  At least 4Janks knew the DJ so I got to request NKOTB’s “Please Don’t Go Girl”.  I was definitely the only one singing.  But, that’s what Cornell gets for having it on his playlist. 

The remaining birthday crew…

After leaving Slim’s around 3am, pizza just had to be ordered and I got to witness the most awesome display of Old Bay love (yes, the seasoning used for shrimp boils) I’ve ever seen.  And probably will ever see for that matter.  Old Bay on an avocado, Old Bay on pizza… the possibilities are clearly endless.

Friday had a bit of a slow start.  I was clearly on vacation, but who knew Alyson and Sarah were, too?  We ordered in breakfast around 11 am, and one of them went to work at about noon.  The other made the executive decision NOT to go into work around 1.  4Janks lives the good live. 

I spent the afternoon walking around and shopping.  That night we headed up to Columbus Circle for dinner and to see the pretty lights.

More lights…

Then, we went and saw Elf.  Our tickets were purchased at the last minute, so we had partial view seats.  Our seats were on the first row, halfway in the audience, halfway in the orchestra.  The stage was eye level, so if you wanted to see what was happening in the back of the stage, you better ask for a phonebook or booster seat.  The show was really good though.  Norm from “Cheers” played Santa.

Saturday was a bit more productive of a day.  We got up and headed to Chelsea Market.  Such cool decorations.  A tree made out of broken CD’s.

We then headed to see the Rockette’s. 

And finished the early evening with a walk by Rockefeller…

Along 5th Ave and up to the Plaza…

And a drink at the “World Renowned Plaza Hotel”.  A Hot Toddy to help bring my voice back.  No such luck.

And some sort of Christmassy, yet more summer like, drink for Alyson…

We ended the evening with dinner at Moustache…

Oh, but how could I forget?!?  We had a run in with the Chanukah Clown outside of the Plaza.  That’s a “honk, honk” from the clown on the left.

Thanks to 4Janks for showing me a good time!