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Gamma and I were driving home from dinner tonight and we passed a cop. She tells me to be careful and then goes on about how she has to be careful when she drives home from a party after having a drink. She doesn’t want to get pulled over or in any accidents. She says, “The last thing I need is to have any boners in this car”.

I began giggling uncontrollably and she says, “Well haven’t you heard of a boner before?”. In response I say, “Of course, but I think there’s another meaning to the word that you don’t know of”.

About 30 minutes go by and I can’t let this go. I decide to ask her what exactly a “boner” is and she says, “Well, it’s an accident, a mishap”.

And I think to myself… well, yes sometimes you’re right.


Don’t ask me why it’s taken 4 years to add Hall and Oates to my record collection. But thank goodness the day has finally arrived. Can’t wait to give this guy a spin tomorrow when I get home. My apologies to the neighbors.

Each year on my Aunt Peg’s birthday, the family always calls one another to check in, say hi and express a sentiment or two about her and how much we miss her.  The ones shared today of course made my eyes tear up, but they also brought a smile and laugh along, too.  A direct quote from my Dad:

“Peg is very proud of the strong, independent woman you have become, including your fondness of adult beverages!  I can assure you of that.”

Think that means I’ll be stopping on my way home tonight to replenish the vodka supply and raise a glass to the lady whose influence and presence in my life continues to grow stronger every year.  Happy birthday, Aunt Peg, and bottom’s up!

I can’t tell you how good life is after you’ve taken a section of the CPA exam.  Unfortunately, I feel like I probably failed. Fortunately, I have a month of bliss before I get my score.  Yahtzee!  My mood has been phenomenal for the last 24 hours.  I wonder why?

I got to enjoy hang with the a-holes over a few “eastsides” and tequila gimblets last night.  Speaking of… are liquor stores open on Sunday?  I need to restock my vodka supply.  This week might involve some experimenting in the kitchen in how to make an eastside.  That $hit was good!  If I can learn how to make one that will save me 10 bucks a pop.  Last night’s bar tab was a little high, but worth every freaking cent.  On the bright side, I got my bathroom towel hanger fixed after the bar last night for free. Thanks Boozanna!

I got to spent an hour at Central Market today.  I love farting around in nice grocery stores.

I took about a 2 hour nap this afternoon.  Guess it’s not surprising that I’m still up and blogging and it’s 10:30.  Whoopsies!

I got to spend lots of time downloading new music this evening.  So, I have always been a fan of Cee Lo back from his “I Wish” days.  But, brother takes it to a whole new level these days.  I highly recommend his single “F**k You”.  Why not?

Oh yeah, and I also caught up on Brothers and Sisters, Modern Family and Cougar Town.

Life is so good if feels like a Steve Winwood song.  Roll with it!