Bad news bears… didn’t pass the last CPA exam I took.  By 4 points.  Technically, I feel like I DID pass because I got a 71, but by CPA standards that is a fail.  Boo hiss.

Each time I get the email that my score has been received, my heart beats and pounds harder and faster than the time when I sprinted from the train station to the ticket counter at Gatwick with my ginormous backpack bouncing from side to side, in an attempt to talk the ticket agent into letting us make our flights home from London.  The email tells me I can log on to the state board’s website to see my score.  Last time, the good news caused my heart to race even faster.  This time, the bad news made it sink to the floor.  I spent about 30 minutes being bummed out to the point of wanting to quit before I snapped out of it and got back on the horse.

Which is where I am now.  I’m horseback riding for the next two weeks plus one day.  My apologies from here on out if you do not see me (maybe with the exception of a birthday dinner or something) or hear from me.  It’s going to be stress city from here on out.  The me you may encounter is not the real me.  Please know that.

I’ve stocked my fridge with iced tea to get me through the nights.  Coffee just doesn’t sound good and I really don’t want to reactivate my Diet Coke habit.  I also grabbed a bar of chocolate coffered espresso.  I tell myself it helps.  I might need to start a donation fund for counselling sessions for Rocky.  He’s going to be pretty depressed with the lack of attention.

Oh and to make matters worse, I won’t even be able to watch the Texas-OU game.  This Saturday, I’ll be sitting in a final review course from 8:30am to 8:30pm.  Pray for my sanity and that I can live to see Sunday.