The following story is most likely not PC, but hopefully you’ll over look that for the pure entertainment I’m about to tell you.

My sister sends me a text on Monday that says, “OMG!  So u probably know Lance is staying with us… u have to call me when u can so I can fill u in on some really funny $hit that’s been happening around here”.  Knowing that this is probably pretty good, I call back. 

For like an entire day Lance was on the phone with some girl.  I can’t remember what her name is but we’ll call her Zoey.  My sister overheard him talking to Zoey in his room about things he saw on HBO.  And we aren’t talking daytime or evening programming.  We’re talking late night.  Her chin drops to the floor as she listens in on the conversation from the hallway.  Later on in the day, she questions him on who this girl is, slightly flabbergasted that she wants to talk to Lance, let alone hang out with him the next day at the BBQ/pool party, after the comments and suggestions he gave to her over the phone.  The following took place:

Crystal: Lance, how old is Zoey?  Is she special needs, too?
Lance (texting to Zoey): How old are you?  Are you handicapped?
Zoey (texting to Lance): I’m 20 and I’m normal.

Who seriously sends a text message to a girl like that?!?  I love my brother and his sense of confidence.  It’s pretty freaking remarkable.