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In the midst of packing, I came across a few water damaged photos and letters.  It took me a minute to remember what they were.  Back in the 6th grade, three of my friends and I made a time capsule one night.  There were photos, letters to ourselves and a video.  We were planning to get back together 10 years from then to uncover our buried treasure.

Our original plan was to dig a hole in this grassy median that was across the street from my beloved Bryker house.  After a debate between Sarah and Kelley over whether or not it would be safe to plant our time capsule on land that was not technically ours, we decided to just dig a hole in my parents front yard.  Into a Tupperware container went all the goods which we then buried about a foot below ground.  Not sure the rents were cool with the size and location of the hole, let alone there being a hole in their front yard.

Fast forward 3 years when they decided to sell our house (still not sure I’m over this) and I had to dig up the treasure and then rebury it in the backyard of our new house.  Dumb old me buried it on a slope and after a major rainstorm, I looked into the backyard and the time capsule was definitely uncovered.  And wet.  I think the video was shot, but I still managed to hold onto the letters and a few photos.  Which, with all the colors, could definitely pass as artistic.

Here is my letter to myself, it’s pretty entertaining…

Dear Emily,

You will probably be 21 or 22, possibly at A&M, Kansas (wildcats), Duke (ya right) or maybe Texas (if I have a lot to drink).  Hopefully I will still be a basketball or volleyball player when I pick my career.  My best friends are Claire, Kelley, and Sarah.  I hope I don’t get into any gangs or get into any drugs.  My favorite sport is basketball and my favorite actor I guess is Elvis, singer too.

(Then we each proceeded to write what we thought about the other three)
Kelley – wild, nice, smart, cool, party animal, good at basketball, pretty special
Claire – nice, sweet, smart (very smart), great at kickball, pretty special
Sarah – hyper at times, smart, nice, can say stuff at the wrong time, talks fast, starts spitting when she does stocks
(a project we had been working on in school).


Emily Clark

P.S. Be like me when I grow up.

That’s Kelley with the clunker of a video camera.  My favorite quote of hers that I have to share, “changes are happening (under arm hair, hair on your privet)… you are 5 feet tall, with red hair to the middle of your back, and chapped lips”.


In boot camp this morning, we were using the Bosu balls.  After I started jumping on mine, it began making a squeeking noise each time I landed on it, as there must have been a hole.  Upon swapping it out for a new one, my friendly competitor who is vocal, obnoxious to some, yet entertaining to me, stated to the whole class, “Emily is an accountant, she’s used to busting balls”.  Oh my.

The following story is most likely not PC, but hopefully you’ll over look that for the pure entertainment I’m about to tell you.

My sister sends me a text on Monday that says, “OMG!  So u probably know Lance is staying with us… u have to call me when u can so I can fill u in on some really funny $hit that’s been happening around here”.  Knowing that this is probably pretty good, I call back. 

For like an entire day Lance was on the phone with some girl.  I can’t remember what her name is but we’ll call her Zoey.  My sister overheard him talking to Zoey in his room about things he saw on HBO.  And we aren’t talking daytime or evening programming.  We’re talking late night.  Her chin drops to the floor as she listens in on the conversation from the hallway.  Later on in the day, she questions him on who this girl is, slightly flabbergasted that she wants to talk to Lance, let alone hang out with him the next day at the BBQ/pool party, after the comments and suggestions he gave to her over the phone.  The following took place:

Crystal: Lance, how old is Zoey?  Is she special needs, too?
Lance (texting to Zoey): How old are you?  Are you handicapped?
Zoey (texting to Lance): I’m 20 and I’m normal.

Who seriously sends a text message to a girl like that?!?  I love my brother and his sense of confidence.  It’s pretty freaking remarkable.