We are about 4 days from take-off for Cabo and I’m starting to get a wee bit excited.  In my spare time at work, I’m trying to compile a good playlist for the beach.  If I get it done in time, I’ll share.  In the mean time I thought I’d share my two most favorite albums for beach napping. 

There comes a point when you’re so relaxed laying in the sun, that you begin dozing in and out of conciousness and maybe even begin to drool a little.  It’s like the best nap ever, even if it is a little embarrassing.  I usually can only reach this state of euphoria when I’m listening to music.  And time and time again, I’ve road tested these two albums while laying out.  They are my most favorite.  Try them.

Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds – “Live at Luther College”

Eric Clapton – “Unplugged”