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Yes, friends, I am still alive.  And I’m still kicking.  Maybe not as far as exams go, but as far as life in general… totally kicking ash.  This little ditty of a blog hasn’t gotten much attention lately, but I promise to have a fun report of NYC with pictures when I return. 

In the mean time I have some random comments to share.

1. Mary on step aerobics: “My yoga teacher came and recruited me for stupid step aerobics yesterday afternoon. I thought I didn’t want to go and then being in there totally failing at the moves confirmed that I did not want to go. It was a good workout but I just felt like an idiot. The stick arms totally go into effect in step aerobics.”

Step aerobics frustrate the bejesus out of me. Everyone in those classes always seem to know the moves and every command/name the instructor shouts out.  It takes all I have to keep up and not break an ankle.  And when I reach the point where I have the move down pat, they always shout something else out and I’m back at ground zero. 

For my own curiosity, I just googled step aerobics moves.  There are websites with explanations of the moves.  I was already familiar with the “Grapevine” and “Around the World”.  But, my step aerobic vocab has just expanded.  Who knew there were such moves as the “Flamingo”, “Helicopter”, “Horseshoe”, “Revolving Door” and “Rocking Horse”.  I mean, really? 

I feel like yoga has a lot of names, too, but at least you hold each pose for an hour so it’s fairly easy to learn.  Kickboxing is pretty easy, too, as long as you don’t have stick arms.  Jab, cross, hook, upper cut and a few kicks.  Everyone know’s an 80’s kick.  Simple stuff.  Spinning is pretty easy as well since there are only three positions.  That’s what she said.

2. Kelley on her brother-in-law: “The brother-in-law is still a dbag. I have never understood why some guys think that a maroon shirt and black pants go well together. That is his go to outfit. What a dbag.”

I have never been a big fan of this combo on a guy and now I know I’m not the only one.  Maybe this is what Gamma means when she says, “you’re too picky”.