Back in the days when I used to buy CDs, and only greatest hits ones at that, I discovered my guilty pleasure band. I’ll be honest, what first attracted me to them was this album cover picture:

Just looking at those serious expressions, you can tell there’s sustenance there. I believe I was working at Handango when I purchased my first Hall & Oats album. I downloaded it onto my first mega MP3 player and began listening while I was at work. It was love from the beginning. Smalls quickly took notice of my head bobbing and leg taping and asked to borrow my headphones to give them a listen. She fell in love, too.

Once you get past the ridiculous picture and the pondering of whether or not their partnership extended beyond the recording studio, it’s really easy to get absorbed in the music. Most people would recognize their songs if they heard them over the radio. They’d most likely say, “Oh yeah, I love that song”, but wouldn’t be able to tell you who was singing. That’s why I think they are a very underappreciated band. And I’d be happy to burn you a copy if you’d like. There’s nothing I’d love more than being able to share my H&O joy with you.

Well, you-ooo-ooo-ooo-ooo, you make-a my dreams come true…