Boot Camp this morning was glorious.  Every once in a while we do the Dirty 200 for time.  We normally go through the routine twice during the class and the goal is to beat your previous time.  The instructor even keeps your time from the last time we did it so you can compare.  I think we last did the routine in December, so it’s been a while.  There are 200 reps:

30 prisoner squats
30 push ups
10 jump squats
10 leg curls with the ball
10 jackknifes with the ball
20 bench step ups, each leg
15 pullovers
30 forward lunges, each leg
20 close grip push ups
10 pullovers
15 prisoner squats
5 pullovers

Actually, now that I add that up it’s more like 205.  But, whatever.  I’m proud to report I came in second place, beating my previous time with a 5:05 mark.  My heart was literally pounding out of my chest.  There’s a guy in the class that is in ridiculously good shape and is hilarious.  I usually try to compete with him just to give him a run for his money.

Since we both finished ahead of the class, we had time to wait until everyone caught up.  So, the instructor made us jump rope.  And because the other guy likes to keep things interesting, he made it a who-can-outlast-the-other jump rope competition.  We normally jump rope for 1-2 minutes and I am dying at that.  Today, Kim challenged us to make it 5 minutes straight, no stopping or mess ups.  We managed to go 5 minutes twice.  Holy heck!  After a while your body becomes numb.  And I think the hardest part of jump roping is the mental aspect.  It’s hard to stay focused.  Especially when your competitor starts chanting the alphabet and you join him.

Anyways, random story.  Just wanted to say I think I might actually have the chops to join one of the jump rope groups you see at halftime of a Mavs game.