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It’s really nice to have friends with completely different occupations than your own.  When you trade emails during the day, it’s always entertaining to hear what they are up to during work hours.  Case in point, this is how Nana is spending her day:

“Alright, time to look over some IQ test results (not mine) and meet with a 4 year old who keeps spanking his classmates. Good times.”

Makes me appreciate my 10 key (aka calculator) a little more.  Not really.  Being able to spell H-E double hockey sticks upside down loses it’s luster after a while.  Children spanking children is much more enlightening.


If by juice you mean nitrous oxide, then yes. I’ll have some juice. I’m not kidding you when I tell you that is what my dental hygienist referred to it as this morning. It’s a cocktail in the afternoon, juice in the morning. Have I mentioned how much I love her?

I wasn’t sure if I’d be down with the morning dentist appointment, but I have to say… I kinda liked it. The morning is my favorite time of the day. I’m reeling from fresh endorphins and I feel so inspired once I’ve had my coffee. The day is my oyster, I can make the most of it. So, imagine that feeling accompanied by a two-glasses-of-wine-like buzz and you have total morning euphoria. Not to mention how the easy rock playing in the background only intensifies every happy emotion I’m feeling. I felt like a Carpenter, sittin’ on top of the world, lookin’ down on creation.

After she took my blood pressure and pulse, I was beginning to wonder if I was even still alive or if I was in Heaven. My BP was 83 over 59 and my pulse was 41. It’s no wonder I was freezing. She then gave me a hand-woven wool blanket to snuggle up in. I mean really, does it get any better than this? Who needs a massage or spa treatment when you have the dentist’s office. I always feel so relaxed as if I had spent a day at the Lake Austin Spa. (Dan, you know I’m only kidding… nothing compares to a day at the LAS).

For the most part, it was a smooth ride in the teeth cleaning department. Towards the end, there was a little irritation from flossing (we’ve got a bleeder). When Susan (dental hygienist) paged the dentist to come in, she made mention of the area. I’ll note that this was the first encounter with the dentist since the infamous “protection” procedure and so I prepared myself for the unexpected. He did a little “smoothing” on the tooth and then paged Susan to come back in. I started to get a little alarmed when there are 4 hands in my mouth along with 17 different apparatuses. When the dentist pauses to say something, I breathe in expecting to hear the words “filling”, “cavity” or “procedure”. Perfectly in tune with this unpredictability, he says to Susan, “Did you watch Dancing With The Stars last night?”. I mean really, what is with this guy. They carry on for another 5 minutes discussing the contestants and if were any “natural born leaders” in the competition. I’m not one to care much about DWTS, but I feign interest to keep the conversation going as long as it can so I can wear the nitrous mask a little longer.

Inevitably, the end comes, just as “Looks Like We Made It” starts playing on the radio. I pay my dues, say my adieus and walk out to my car. I’ve got a little of the “juice” still flowing, so I make the most of my car ride to work. My fake number song comes on the radio (867-5309) and I can barely keep focused on driving because my air guitar is rocking out so hard. Once I turn onto 635, Notorious B.I.G. comes on and my air guitar turns into air turntables. Which I think is fitting for the ghetto-ness of highway 635.

I pull into the work parking garage as “When Will I See You Again” comes on the radio. My morning euphoria turns to sadness when I think about going 6 months before seeing the dentist again.

Last weekend was my trip to DC aka Reston, Virginia.  It was a good ol family reunion… minus Lance.  We had plenty of hangout time and got to celebrate mi padre and Uncle Bruce’s birthdays.  

Over the course of the weekend I had two brushes with fame. 

First was watching my Dad’s new HBO movie starring Claire Danes.  However, we only managed to watch the first 30 seconds of it.  Which we watched about 5 or 6 times trying to pause it just right so we could see our movie star…

It’s a movie about an autistic girl called Temple Grandin.  It looked like a really good movie and hopefully one day I’ll get to see the rest of it.

Next, I got to have lunch with the Gov’na!  I hadn’t seen Leah since college, so it was great to catch up.  Our friendship was formed in Jolly Old England.  She was my partner in crime in taking jacka$$ pictures.

Happy belated St. Patrick’s, by the way.  We ventured into the District one day to see the Georgia O’Keeffe exhibit at my favorite museum in DC.  The Phillips Collection, you should check it out next time.

It was a fun trip and I got to spend so much quality time with my favorite little monkey…

Clearly, if that is what CPA stood for, I’d already have my licence.  Unfortunately, it is not.  And that means I have to study a lot.  A lot a lot.  So, please don’t hold it against me if I have my head in a book for the next 6-9 months or so.  It’s not ideal, but I’ve come this far to not make a go of it.

Speaking of another “CPA”…

Boot Camp this morning was glorious.  Every once in a while we do the Dirty 200 for time.  We normally go through the routine twice during the class and the goal is to beat your previous time.  The instructor even keeps your time from the last time we did it so you can compare.  I think we last did the routine in December, so it’s been a while.  There are 200 reps:

30 prisoner squats
30 push ups
10 jump squats
10 leg curls with the ball
10 jackknifes with the ball
20 bench step ups, each leg
15 pullovers
30 forward lunges, each leg
20 close grip push ups
10 pullovers
15 prisoner squats
5 pullovers

Actually, now that I add that up it’s more like 205.  But, whatever.  I’m proud to report I came in second place, beating my previous time with a 5:05 mark.  My heart was literally pounding out of my chest.  There’s a guy in the class that is in ridiculously good shape and is hilarious.  I usually try to compete with him just to give him a run for his money.

Since we both finished ahead of the class, we had time to wait until everyone caught up.  So, the instructor made us jump rope.  And because the other guy likes to keep things interesting, he made it a who-can-outlast-the-other jump rope competition.  We normally jump rope for 1-2 minutes and I am dying at that.  Today, Kim challenged us to make it 5 minutes straight, no stopping or mess ups.  We managed to go 5 minutes twice.  Holy heck!  After a while your body becomes numb.  And I think the hardest part of jump roping is the mental aspect.  It’s hard to stay focused.  Especially when your competitor starts chanting the alphabet and you join him.

Anyways, random story.  Just wanted to say I think I might actually have the chops to join one of the jump rope groups you see at halftime of a Mavs game.

It’s really a shame I didn’t stay up to catch the end of the Oscars last night. My two best actor/actress picks won. And Avatar did not win best picture.  Jam.

Also, I knew I always liked Sandra Bullock for a reason.  Last night during her Barbara Wa Wa interview, she was asked why she didn’t get married until she was 40.  Her response, “I hadn’t met anyone that was bigger than me”. Totally respect that.

Lastly, the John Hughes tribute was awesome.  He will always be my favorite director.  Hey hey hey hey, ooooooooooooo-ohh.

Well, my proud parents (and proud fake parents) witnessed me join PCPC today.  Having to get up in front of a large group of people to be recognized never gets less embarrassing.  Especially when your fake dad has an extremely large fake grin on his face and you can’t help but look, but then have to turn away so you aren’t caught laughing, especially when you are in front of the church.  Thank goodness I managed to say my lines perfectly (“I do” five times) and I didn’t end up tripping in front of everyone.  I did have one small wardrobe malfunction, but hopefully only the really close up people saw my upside down, flipped inside out name tag.  We can’t all be perfect all the time.  But some of us can come awfully close, ahem.

The last 6-8 months have been a growing and learning process.  God has been working in my heart and I finally understand what it feels like to be thirsty for Him.  With the help of amazing friends and the church, I’ve begun to understand what a relationship with Him is really like.  This afternoon I finished reading Tim Keller’s book, “The Prodigal God”, and I after I read this quote, I read it a couple of times because it exactly sums up these last few months for me.  It’s a quote by Jonathan Edwards.  And I’m guessing we aren’t talking about the ex presidential candidate.

“There is a difference between believing that God is holy and gracious, and having a new sense on the heart of the loveliness and beauty of that holiness and grace.  The difference between believing that God is gracious and tasting that God is gracious is as different as having a rational belief that honey is sweet and having the actual sense of its sweetness”.

It’s taken me a while to get a sense of His sweetness, but I’m finally getting there.