I think I’m going to create a new blog post category called “Pickles”. Because, I seem to find myself in them more often than not. You’re lucky because they make for good stories.

Wednesday, after Bible Study, we were congregating in the parking lot. Laurie zipped by in her car as she was leaving, and somewhere in the conversation she said she had to go because she was low on fuel and didn’t want to get gas until tomorrow in the day time. When I got in my car to leave I noticed that my gas light had come on. It said I had 50 miles left to go. I thought, surely I can make it to work tomorrow and then fill up for cheap at Kroger during lunch.

Thursday morning, I got up and went to Boot Camp as usual.  When I left for work, it said I had about 25-30 left. Since work is only 20ish miles away, I thought I’d have no problem, given that the majority of my commute is highway driving. Of course I didn’t factor in that it was a rainy morning and that traffic would be bad. But I did know where the designated gas stations were on my way just in case I needed to get a gallon or two to make it to work.

Traffic was good, then it was bad, then it was good, and then bad. When it was bad, my car would decrease in miles left and I would begin to sweat, but then when traffic picked up, things looked good and I got confident. When I was on the home stretch, there was no turning back. There were no stations left. I was feeling good  thinking I was gonna make it. I got to the stop light outside my building and the reader says 2 miles elft. Gulp. I took a right and coasted downhill to the parking garage. Then 1. Gulp. I pulled into the garage and eased into a spot and the reader says, “—-“. GULP. I turned the car off and went into work.

I figured I’d peruse around on some BMW forums to see if maybe there was a secret gallon that was there as a cushion for these instances. No such thing. In fact, some people have run out of gas when the reader says 20 miles left. I realize it’s a miracle I even got to work.

I had plans with Tiff for lunch and I warned her of an impending adventure if I drove. All morning long I was nervous and couldn’t stop thinking about how I would resolve this situation. We headed downstairs at noon and I turned the car on. It still said “—-“ and the car started shaking. I turned it off and Tiff agreed to drive. After lunch we stopped at a small gas station on the way back and I bought one of those red plastic one gallon gas cans. I fill her up and we headed back.

So, now I’ve spent 10 bucks, which is more than I would have spent had I just filled up at the expensive spot in Lakewood. We get back to the parking garage and I get out and assemble the spout. I start to pour it in and oh my goodness, we are leaking everywhere. I’m getting about half in the tank, half on the ground (and my shoes). And the pouring is a slow process. By this time, another coworker has walked up and joins Tiff in watching the spectacle. I hated to be spilling gas everywhere, but I needed to get that gas in the tank so I could stop worrying!  Tiff and Amanda have a heyday laughing at me and the whole time all I hear in my head is the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz saying, “Oil can, oil can”.

Finally, I think I’ve emptied my gallon. We go to turn the car on. I was just hoping for enough gas to get me to Kroger after work, which was about 2 miles away. And uphill. Yes, I thought about it. Bad news, the reader still said “—-“, but the good news was that the car stopped shaking. We decided to go upstairs and I attempted to take a bath in the sink. I get back to my desk and look up BMW roadside assistance. Well, what do you know… they offer free assistance if you run out of gas. I call them up and within 25 minutes, “Rick” has arrived to fill me up. He pulled in the front of the building and my car was in the back, so I asked to hop in and direct him. At first I was concerned about how badly I smelled of gasoline, but after getting in his car, I didn’t think he’d notice. There was an aroma of gas, oil, cigarettes, air freshener and Big Red that filled up his “DFW ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE” vehicle. Ick.

We pull around back and he writes a few things on his notepad and then puts $5 worth of gas in my tank. It takes him maybe a 30 seconds to fill it up, where I was stumbling around trying to avoid the gas spillage for a good 10-15 minutes. I told him about my unfortunate attempt with the gas can and he looked at it and says, “Oh, I don’t think you screwed it on all the way”. Of course not. I’ve already proven myself to be an idiot at least 2 or 3 times by that point.

I could have saved myself the time, the worry and stink by just calling roadside right when I got to work. But, of course we would have missed out on the adventure. And I also wouldn’t have lost 2 pounds. Because yes… I weighed myself this morning and I lost weight from yesterday.

The good news was that I got that $5 worth of gas for free. And with it I had 50 miles left in the tank. Which I figured was totally enough to get me home and then back to work again.

KIDDING. Lesson learned!