In my three weeks of sobriety, I totally forgot how much fun it is to go out with friends.  I also forgot how much fun a random night can be.  Case in point, please watch the videos here.

We hit up an art gallery, Cafe Izmir, a cougar themed birthday party and then had a chocolate martini nightcap at the Balcony Club.  Talk about  a sweet joint.  They had a band that was jamming to some sweet jazz similar to what I used to hear waking up on a weekend morning at my Dad’s house.  Naturally, I was really into it.  So much so, that I think I could get a second job moonlighting as a jazz band interpreter.  No, I’m not talking about signing.  I’m talking about movin’ and groovin’, trying to convey the emotions of the music through facial expressions and body movements.  Crystal and I dabbled that a little a few years ago on a family vacation to San Diego.  We practiced our skills to the open credits of ER.  It was powerful.

On a related note, I took Rocky for a walk this evening when I got home.   It was dark out, but I chose well lit streets so my dentist wouldn’t worry.  There were some good jams on the radio and I realized that if I go walking when it’s dark, I can really rock out to the music, much like I would if I were a jazz interpreter.  It was definitely considered free style walking and I am glad no one could see it.  Cause if they did, they’d think I was a crazy person.  Which might not be too far off from the truth anyways.