For those that sit in a cubicle all day and have the option to listen to music, I highly recommend Sirius radio.  It’s probably the only thing that will carry me through busy season.  At first I wasn’t sure how much I needed it, given that I’ve got a massive music collection here on my iPod.  But, I always seem to run into trouble trying to make a decision about what I want to listen to.  Unless it’s clearly a Billy day or I’m in a Hall & Oats mood.

I’ve developed a little daily routine, much like my old gum chewing ways (cinnamon, green mint, blue mint, fruity, oh my).  In the mornings I start off on the Elvis channel.  Just to get a little soulful kickstart to my day.  I jam to Elvis for an hour or two and then when I’m warmed up, I turn on E Street Radio (aka 24/7 Bruce).  I rock out to the Boss for the better part of the day.  Usually listen to a concert or two.  When I start to get tired mid to late afternoon, I have to switch it over to the 80’s channel.  Yahtzee!  I’m pumped up again, but more so in a delirious state.  The 80’s carry me through dinner and usually the rest of the evening.  Sometimes I’ll switch over to Classic Vinyl or the 90’s stations for a little while. 

That’s it and that’s all.  I attempted to go over to the #1 hits station (the Kiss FM of satellite radio), but I started to feel light-headed so I had to go back.  Guess I am an old soul.

Aside from my work mental state being at an all-time high, I do think my productivity has soared as well.  The only thing is I really need to watch it on the air guitar.  My cubicle wall ain’t that high.