I’m trying to get caught up on all my blog posts, luckily I have an entire Saturday, pretty much to myself, to get a few things done.  I may or may not be putting up my Christmas tree later.  Which I know goes against standard Graceland Christmas decoration rules, but this is a matter of it’s now or never.  I will be gone the next 2 weekends and what’s the point in setting up Santa’s workshop halfway through December?

Sorry for the tangent, I’ll get back to the safari.  I’m not really sure where to begin with this post, but I’ll begin by saying there’s a lot you can do with dried up cow patties.  On the safari we went on, there was plenty of time for horsing around and since we’re a creative bunch, we came up with lots of games.

After a dinner in town Friday, we went back to FTR and the boys set up a little fire for us.  After a couple hours of sitting around it, talking about who knows what, Laurie and I got a second wind around 1 am and came up with freestyle bonfire jumping.  Maybe not your smartest game, but it’s not like the bonfire was that large.

Saturday morning, we took off in an attempt to see a falcon destroy a duck or two. Unfortunately, the falcon decided to fly 10 miles away and attack another bird. After an hour of standing around, we gave up and decided to move on.

We drove all around the ranch that afternoon, and at one point we saw a random cemetary, so we pulled over to get out and look. After taking a picture or two, we started throwing dried up cow patties at each other.  Good times.  I then saw a large branch on the ground, picked it up in attempt to use it as a baseball bat.

Unfortunately, the branch was pretty heavy and I choked up too much.  So when I swung, the branch had more momentum than I could control, and the part underneath my hands swung around and scraped the crap out of my stomach and arms.  And to make matters worse, I just about lost my balance and fell into a cactus patch.  I looked up and saw just about everyone, especially Mary, wetting their pants. That could have been ugly and I have a feeling that if I had fallen into the patch, everyone only would have laughed harder.  Including myself.

The cactus of course only made us think of a new game.  Freestyle cactus jumping.  And if that wasn’t enough… synchronized cactus hurdles.  I mean, really, the possibilities of ranch style olympics are endless.

After the games had ended, we hauled butt to get happy hour supplies and make it to the top of Flat Top Mountain in order to see the sunset.  Nothing says a classy Texas style happy hour better than wine in red plastic cups and brie cheese layed out on rock.

Sunday morning we got up and decided to go check on this mysterious creature that we found swimming around in the bottom of a well.  Most likely it was just a frog, but we wondered how a frog could get down there.  So, we went to the dump to get a bucked and some rope and then we lowered it into the well.  When we tried to pull it back out, we realized we should have poked holes in the bottom so the water would drain.  But, since we didn’t, we couldn’t lift the bucket back out of the water.  We tried tying it to Patch’s hitch, but of course the rope snapped.  Luckily, we had a fishing pole in the trunk, so we got it out in an attempt to fish for this mysterious frog.  Of course that didn’t work either, but after an hour of starring down this well, we safely concluded that it was a frog.

In need of a little more exploration, we went to the horse barn and walked around.  We went up the stairs where it was completely dark.  I was definitely channeling Silence of The Lambs as we slowly walked through the hallway and rooms without really being able to see.  We stumbled upon a few toilets and decided to pop a squat.  The flash makes it look like it was light, but it so was not. Which is probably why Laurie couldn’t see Suz and I were being jacka$$es while she happily squatted and smiled.

I’m pretty sure this qualifies as Not Something Snow White Would Do (NSSWWD)…