The concert was definitely the highlight of our trip to NYC, but of course we still had fun the rest of our time there.

Once I recovered from my music hangover on Friday, we hit up the Guggenheim and Met for a little culture.  And took an hour walk through Central Park in the process.  Which I don’t think either of us minded.



After the culture, we headed back to Chelsea, where we were staying, at did a little more shopping.  That night we went to dinner at a cozy little spot called Commerce with Taylor.  It was delicious!


I also note that I clocked in around 26,000 steps on the pedometer that day.  Jam.  Saturday, we got up and ventured down to Greenwich Village to shop and for me to buy a new NYU cap.  The one I got a few years ago is pretty disgusting these days, since I only use it for running.  Even washing it in the washer won’t take away the white salt rings around the top.  I got a purple one this time, it’s super cute, and don’t worry, I won’t be using it for running.  Gonna keep on trucking with the old one.  Sorry, running buddy.

We also had a Magnolia Bakery meet up with Alyson.  Not being a cupcake fan, I opted for some kind of “magic bar” filled with chocolate, coconut, nuts, graham crackers… yeah, it was amazing.  Although we only got to hang for a few minutes, we had a classic laugh watching a bum sitting on a park bench having a grand old conversation with himself, breaking only to take large swigs from a bottle of red wine.  Classic.

That night we headed to Times Square to catch John Stamos in Bye Bye Birdie.  Love.  He still looks like the same Uncle Jesse, post-mullet days of course.  Afterwards, we grabbed a salad and some pizza and then made a 20ish block trek back to the hotel. The scenery that night was pretty spectacular with all of the Halloween costumes.

The next morning we woke up and headed to the Chelsea Market for a brunch and a little shopping.  And of course a Fat Witch or two.  It was tough to leave!