Remember back in May when I told you this story

Well, yesterday morning my co-worker’s wife called at about 10am saying she was going into labor, so he grabbed his things and rushed out the door.  I’d been begging another co-worker of mine (who is due next week) to hurry up and have her baby on my day, so I was elated that there was a chance this other baby would be born on October 7th.  I waited all day in anticipation of news and by the time 5:30 rolled around I left work without any updates.

Guess what?  They had the baby last night!  For one thing, I’m super happy this girl is going to grow up with the coolest birthday, but for another… the stars in my universe aligned again! 

I can’t tell you how neat it is to me that this baby was due on Peg’s birthday and ended up being born on my birthday.  Call me crazy, but I think it was her way of wishing me a happy birthday.  And all I can do is smile!