Bonus points for anyone that can name the movie that line is from.

Left my breakfast, lunch AND dinner for today sitting on the counter this morning.  Realized it in the car as I was pulling into the office parking lot.  Yelled F-bomb.  Twice.  Maybe three times.  Decided today would be a good day to try new Panera with coworker, instead of Friday when we originally planned to go.  Pull into parking lot.  Sign on the door reads: Grand Openning in 1 day on September 17, 2009.  Drat.  Ended up eating elsewhere.  Said elsewhere gives me stomach cramps similar to the ones I used to get in middle school after “maturing”.  Ugh. Get back to the office with 4 hours left on the ticker.  Bah.  Get comments back on finacials (see Groundhog Day).  Find out that a massive spreadsheet I created 4 months ago has to be scrapped and completely redone.  From scratch.  Insert a$$whip.  Forgot that the jeans I am wearing today are one-wear-only jeans (meaning they must be washed after each wear because they stretch too easily) and this is day 2 of wearing.  Walked around office pulling up saggy pants all day long.  Decided to have a third cup of coffee thus breaking my 2 cup a day limit.  Awes.