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What jokesters.


About 3 years ago, I spent half a day of Nortel “work” putting together a list of my favorite songs.  I had nothing else to do that day, so I decided to be productive.  Luckily, I was able to dig up this list from my email account to post here.  The last few days I’ve been working on this same list and it’s funny how some of the songs have remained on the list, 3 years later.  I guess that means they truly are my favorites.

Without further adieu, here are my favorite songs from May 8, 2006:

tired of being alone-al green. this was one of the first songs that
turned me into soul. i remember listening to this song for the first
couple times and wanting to sing it with as much heart and passion as

like a rolling stone-bob dylan. the first couple notes of this song
just want to knock you over. whenever i am in a pissed off mood, i
can turn this one on and sing (scream) it out and when it’s over i feel
i like i just gave whatever was stressing me out a good punch in the

thunder road-bruce springsteen. i never thought anything besides
“born to run” or “dancing in the dark” would ever be my favorite bruce
song. but this song starts out so simply and i can feel the screen
door slam in the first words he sings. and these lyrics just feel so

“Roy Orbison singing for the lonely
Hey that’s me and I want you only
Don’t turn me home again
I just can’t face myself alone again
Don’t run back inside
darling you know just what I’m here for
So you’re scared and you’re thinking
That maybe we ain’t that young anymore
Show a little faith, there’s magic in the night
You ain’t a beauty, but hey you’re alright
Oh and that’s alright with me”

last goodbye-jeff buckley. i haven’t listened to this song in a long
time, but it will always be a favorite. when i first discovered the
grace album, this song just moved me.

suspicious minds-elvis presley. i can listen to this song in two
ways. one is where its one of those regular old songs i hear on the
radio almost daily. and two is where i listen to it if its brand new
to me and i am again reminded who elvis was and who he is to me. he
is my number one, he always and forever will be.

mercy mercy me-marvin gaye. i remember listening to this song on two
of the saddest days of my life and it bringing me some sort of inner
peace. i cried while singing along, but it was one of those
inevitable cries that makes you know and feel that you’re really ok.

just like heaven-the cure. this is my happy song. every time i hear
it i can’t help but tap my feet and want to jump up and dance.

ex factor-lauryn hill. this song is just beautiful and painful at the
same time. i could listen to it over and over and over again. in
fact i have.

feelin’ the same way-norah jones. it’s not so much the song that moves
me, it’s that i have one memory of listening to this song and its as
real as anything. my dad and i were in the car headed to the airport,
just having left my aunts house in georgetown after a visit. it was a
rainy morning and i remember being in one of those sleepy states that
the rain and a car ride can bring on. and it just felt really good
listening to this song.

your smiling face-james taylor. i had heard this song before, but it
wasn’t until i saw james taylor live, that i realized this was one of
his songs. i downloaded it the next chance i got and i literally
listened to it on repeat for days. it just makes me smile.

gypsy-fleetwood mac. i love every song on the rumours album to death,
but its a homemade fleetwood mac cd i made that i always listen to and
every time this song comes on it just feels right. i love the beat, i
love stevie’s voice, i just love this song’s sound.

rainy days and mondays-the carpenters. you can dog the carpenters all
you want, but i think they are great. and this song feels like a warm
blanket to me. i don’t know if it’s the sadness in her voice or that
she is singing about the blues, but it makes you realize its ok to be
sad once in a while. and yes the rumors are true, there is a copy of
my rendition of this song floating around on a tape recorder somewhere
out there.

in my life-the beatles. the beat, the lyrics and the voices make this
song what it is. picking one beatles song was the hardest for me on
this list, but i realized it was ok to narrow it down to one, because
in my life, i’ve loved them all.

so far away-carole king. the tapestry album would be my number one
pick for being inside on a cold, rainy morning. unless it was a
monday, because then it would have to be the carpenters (see above).

saturday in the park-chicago. this is my life is good song. i get in
a good mood every time i hear it because it reminds me of summers as a
kid. not that this song was popular when i was a kid, obviously i was
born too late for most of my music tastes, but still.

midnight train to georgia-gladys knight and the pips. a great song.
i don’t know why i love it, but i do. i could sing along to it

a whiter shade of pale-procol harum. i can’t say i honestly know what
this song is about. all i know is every time i hear it it takes me to
another place. or it just takes me back in time.

try a little tenderness-otis redding. this song is just sweet. its
passionate. it’s about love and loving. and if you are in love, it
just has to make you smile.

the sounds of silence-simon and garfunkel. when i hear this song, i
have to stand still. and i have the two of them singing in my head.
it’s haunting, its sad, its powerful. i can be mad when i listen to
it, or i can be sad. and either way, the glove fits.

the weight-the band. the one song that always makes me relaxed and
feel good. “take a load off fanny, take a load for free, take a load
off fanny, and and you can put the load right on me”.

walk on-u2. when i worked in dc and i would have a 15 minute walk to
work, i would listen to this song almost daily on my ipod. it was a
powerful way to get my day started. this song is about everything
that haunts us from our past, but its the things we can’t shake and it
gives us the strength to keep going. the words “walk on” have a whole
new meaning to me now.

P.S. Sorry, I guess I didn’t believe in capitalization back then.

Bonus points for anyone that can name the movie that line is from.

Left my breakfast, lunch AND dinner for today sitting on the counter this morning.  Realized it in the car as I was pulling into the office parking lot.  Yelled F-bomb.  Twice.  Maybe three times.  Decided today would be a good day to try new Panera with coworker, instead of Friday when we originally planned to go.  Pull into parking lot.  Sign on the door reads: Grand Openning in 1 day on September 17, 2009.  Drat.  Ended up eating elsewhere.  Said elsewhere gives me stomach cramps similar to the ones I used to get in middle school after “maturing”.  Ugh. Get back to the office with 4 hours left on the ticker.  Bah.  Get comments back on finacials (see Groundhog Day).  Find out that a massive spreadsheet I created 4 months ago has to be scrapped and completely redone.  From scratch.  Insert a$$whip.  Forgot that the jeans I am wearing today are one-wear-only jeans (meaning they must be washed after each wear because they stretch too easily) and this is day 2 of wearing.  Walked around office pulling up saggy pants all day long.  Decided to have a third cup of coffee thus breaking my 2 cup a day limit.  Awes.

The other night over wine and cookies, I was inspired to start creating playlists for different things.  Days, feelings, situations, genres, seasons, moods, the list goes on.  One of my favorite things in this world is allowing myself to get absorbed in my music.  And so, I think I’ll be making regular blog updates with different playlists.

The first one was easy to come up with since it’s been raining nonstop for almost a week.  Rainy day music.  Songs that are low-key, simple, deep, and make you want to curl up on the couch when it’s raining outside.  I’ve tried not to get too obscure so my fans will recognize the tunes.

1. Round Here – Counting Crows
2. Under The Bridge – Red Hot Chili Peppers
3. Warning Sign – Coldplay
4. High and Dry – Radiohead
5. Smoke – Ben Folds Five
6. White Ladder – David Gray
7. Soul Meets Body – Death Cab For Cutie
8. New Slang – The Shins
9. Never Know – Jack Johnson
10. Young Bride – Midlake
11. Stop This Train – John Mayer
12. Vienna – Matt Costa
13. Nightswimming – REM
14. Feelin’ Good Again – Robert Earl Keen
15. Mr. Bojangles – Jerry Jeff Walker
16. Landslide – Fleetwood Mac
17. Strawberry Fields Forever – The Beatles
18. I Am A Rock – Simon & Garfunkel
19. Under My Thumb – The Rolling Stones
20. Pride (In The Name of Love) – U2

Playlist suggestions?  Beam me up, Scotty!

If someone, who is a diehard NASCAR fan, compliments you on the shirt you are wearing, can you really take it as a compliment?  It happened to me this morning, and while I appreciate the kind gesture, I’m still not sure if i’m OK with it. 

And no, I don’t wear wife beaters to work.  Or t-shirts with the sleeves cut off. 

I only wear those bad boys when I workout.

Last night, LB and I hit up a raw/vegan/gluten free restaurant called Bliss.  It’s a hole in the wall, in the ghetto, but rather tasty.  We had “rawzagna” (raw lasagna) and a thai kelp noodle bowl.  All of it was raw, aka cold.  I can’t say for certainty I know exactly what I put in my body last night, but surprisingly, the cashew “cheeze” was good. 

The waitress, aka “raw food coach”, talked to us in great detail about her diet.  Let me just say, what is the point of living?  In the last 2 years she has gone on 5 master cleanses, each consisting of 30 days where she only drinks “lemonade” (lemon juice, cayenne pepper and maple syrup).  And even when she is not cleansing, her diet is that of a “liquidtarian”.  Where is the satisfaction in drinking your calories?  And I’m not talking about alcohol, because I can completely justify drinking my calories with booze.  Speaking of, she told me not to drink alcohol or coffee because they are both toxic.  Ashphintersayswhat??????????????????

I’m afraid the idea of being a raw vegan died right then and there for me.  I quickly mourned this loss by heading over to the Rubottom’s for a glass of wine and some cookies.  Flour, sugar, butter and cooked cookies.  Spoken in the voice of Kiss FM’s Kinsey, “Oh… my gawh!  I’m gonna get soooo fat!”.

If only I could actually perform a real, full cartwheel…

Hey, Andy are you goofin’ on Elvis?  Hey, baby, are you having fun?

This morning I got in my car to go meet Laurie at White Rock for a run.  As I was sitting down, I placed my purse on my lap and then I turned the car on.  Well, in the process of sitting down somehow I turned on my iPod and the screen lit up, which was easy to see given that this was 6:20am and pitch black out.  I looked at the screen and saw “Man on the Moon”, which refreshed my memory of yesterday and how I was listening to REM.  And then, after 3 seconds go by, it dawns on me that that is what is playing on my car radio right then.  Too cool for school.

Here’s a little agit for the never-believer. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah…

Triple header in kickball last night.  Which could only mean one thing.  We won the playoffs.  Christies and shot-gunning beers quickly ensued. 


And yes, I play first base and wear #5 in honor of the one and only…