Chipotle was a weekly staple of my college diet.  Every Thursday night I’d stop by, pick up my daily calorie allowance of a burrito and head home to watch Friends with my friends.  I’d always get a free Diet Coke, too, because I was a TCU student.

On my 21st birthday, my parents decided to support my addiction and purchased twenty-one $5 Chipotle giftcards for me.  Well, ladies and gents, I finally used the last one today.  I’ve been hanging onto it since college, somehow I managed to use 20 of the giftcards with no problem.  But, this last little dude was waiting for a special occasion.  So, when MRJG called me at 12:30 today and suggested Chipotle, I decided it was such an occasion.

The manager who was checking me out (at the register) was taken aback when I handed him my vintage giftcard.  He said, “Woah, that’s like really really old”.  I informed him there was no expiration date, so it had to pass.  And it did.  The end.