Is what Saturday was for me.  If you’ve ever seen the movie “The Way We Were”, which I doubt you have, unless you are my parents, who are obsessed with it, then you wouldn’t know what the title means.  There’s a scene where Robert Redford and his buddy are out on a sailboat, shooting the breeze with one another, on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, asking each other “best” questions.  What was the best game you ever played?  What was the best kiss you ever had?  What was the best you’ve ever laughed?  Etc.

The buddy asks Hubbell, “what was your best Saturday afternoon?”  And he responds, “This one”.  It’s fair to say that this past Saturday was one of my best Saturday afternoons.  I ended the day so thankful for my life and the people who occupy it.

The day began with a jog up and down the Katy Trail with Laurie, and then my last and final personal trainer session (more on that later).  Afterwards, I got a call from Daddy to come meet him and Baby for the best gyro in Dallas, if not in Galilee, too.  After lunch, we walked about 5 steps to a bakery and continued to indulge ourselves in cookies and iced coffees.  It was so nice to have a beautiful day to spend with friends and absolutely no agenda whatsoever.  After a little yard work/plant watering, Baby and I snuck into an Aunt’s pool and swam for a good 2 hours.  Which seems like a long time, but when you’re just throwing a “toypedo” back in forth, time flies. 

Daddy had gone to the movies while we swam, and on the way home we decided to pick up a whole chicken (literally, grams), and some veggies and just cookout at the Rub’s casa.  Moist chicken (sorry, nana), crisp asparagus (with the accompanying asparagus pee later) and some vino made for a perfect dinner.  Not to mention the company and the conversation.  Any day is a good day that ends with a bottle of this…


I think it was decided that we need to plan unplanned days more often.