Today was a day of mourning, but I managed to get through it with my head held high.  My Elvis homage-paying time was significantly cut short when the 5 hours of Elvis biography television shows I had set the DVR to record didn’t record.  Apparently, I don’t have the Biography channel.  Major Eff!

Luckily, good old KERA came through and I got to watch free public broadcasting special about the “Romantic Elvis”.  I also caught some Blue Hawaii action in the morning before church.

And speaking of Blue Hawaii, please check out my new Elvis cup a friend got for me at the Flying Saucer last week.  The decal turns blue when you have a frosty beverage in it.  Pretty tight.  I did some googling last week to find out what Elvis’ favorite beer was, but since he didn’t drink, that was a problem.  I opted to have a “pop” instead.  It still served it’s purpose…

And in keeping with tradition, here’s my latest Top 10 Things Elvis…

Top 10 Songs to Play on August 16
10. Are You Lonesome Tonight?
9. I’ve Lost You
8. Blue Moon
7. Long Black Limousine
6. How Great Thou Art
5. Bridge Over Troubled Water
4. Peace In The Valley
3. If I Can Dream
2. Always On My Mind
1. American Trilogy

God bless you, E.

P.S.  I attempted some chocolate chip, peanut butter and banana cookies.  Get excited Tuesday night friends…