If only I had a dollar for each time that was said on our trip to the tri-state area, I could afford to live in the West Village or on Long Beach Island.  Why is that a simple one-liner like that never gets old?  Sorta like the “your mom” jokes that are still flying around since elementary school.  There’s your thought for the morning.

Back to the trip.  What. A. Blast.  Going into the weekend, Alyson and I had high expectations of maxing out on the laugh-o-meter.  We came close 5 years ago, but I’m pretty sure we maxed out a million times more this trip.  Cheeseburger, cheeseburger!

Mary and I flew into NYC on Thursday night and stayed with Alyson until Sunday, then we went to LBI to hang with MacAttack until Tuesday.  Friday was spent with a run along the Hudson River and then a full day of shopping.  We went out for tapas that night and after a large pitcher of sangria, Miss New York (aka Mary) decided we must go out that night.  Even though we were planning to play-it-cool and call it an early one since the wine tour started promptly at 8am the next day.  Alas, we conceded and headed over to Automatic Slims, a bar down the block from Alyson’s.  The boy to girl ratio was awesome, and the good looking to non-good looking boy ratio was even better.  Why can’t we have that in Texas?  We also managed to get our drinks paid for, which was an added bonus.  Oh and FYI world, a vodka soda does not equal vodka plus sprite.  ICKity split.


After about 5 hours of sleep, we woke up to hit the wine tour.  It was tough to get started with a lack-of-sleep hangover, plus the wines on Long Beach leave much to be desired.  We spent all day grazing in the grass and dancing when the mood struck.  It was an excellent day.  Grasshopper, grasshopper!



Sunday morning we took the bus to New Jersey and met up with Mac.  We quickly headed to the beach and spent the afternoon sunning, boozing, cartwheeling, laughing and analyzing life.  It was perfect.



Mac and her mom dished up a fantastic meal for us and we quickly cashed out a large bottle of Clos du Bois.  Not gonna lie, probably better than most of the chards we sampled at the wineries.  The night quickly turned into a card game, all the while drinking Modelo out of wine goblets, followed by a Michael Jackson dance off. 


And by dance off, I mean just me dancing.  At one point I attempted to do the Superman dance move, but my flip flop got caught and in order to avoid tearing the strap out, I quickly conceded and fell to the floor.  And against a glass cabinet.  Whoopsies.  Luckily no one was hurt, I wasn’t from the fall, and the other clowns weren’t hurt from laughing.  Sarah’s mom had just walked out of the room before I went down, then heard the crash and said, “Oh my”.  In response, Sarah out called from the other room, “What, was Emily dancing?”.


After the MJ dance-off, there was a little pilates instruction from Miss New York and then we called it a night.  I’ve decided that yoga and pilates are much more entertaining when buzzed.  Just like shopping.


Monday, Monday was spent catchin’ rays either at the beach or the pool.  That evening Nana and I took a bike stroll down to the lighthouse and back.  The weather was perfect and I started to get depressed about leaving. 


And then we got ice cream and I was all better.


It was such an excellent trip, I think we might try to do it again next year!  Thanks be to the baby sharks who provided such wonderful hospitality…



FYI… you can see more pics here and here.