When I’m driving in the car listening to the radio, I often wonder why people still call into the radio station to request songs. If it’s a birthday or anniversary, and you’re just wanting to dedicate a song, I understand that. It’s an old fashioned gesture that was probably cooler in the early 90’s, much like neon clothing.

What I don’t get is when people call in just because they just feel like hearing a certain song. Sports Fans, technology is a beautiful thing. iPhones, iTunes, the Internet… Legalsounds.com. All good examples of where you can find the song you’re craving at the drop of a hat.

So, yesterday, in the car, I had to have a chuckle when I heard this exchange on 98.7 (yes, I K-Luv my oldies)…

DJ: “Welcome to K-Luv, what song can I play for you?”

Lady: “I wanna hear ‘Wooly Bully’ please.”

DJ: “You got it! Where are you calling from today?”

Lady: “I’m just cruising around the electronics store.”

DJ: “You looking to spend some birthday money in there?!?”

Lady: “Huh-huh yeah I guess.”

Two things.

Who “cruises” an electronic store and makes a pit stop to call in a radio request?

And who in the hell wants to hear ‘Wooly Bully’?