Last Friday began much like any other Friday.  I got up, I worked out, I got ready and I left for work about 15 minutes late.  That is, 15 minutes later than the usual 15 minutes late I am every other day.  Instead of stressing about getting out the door on time, I say to myself, “Hey, it’s Friday, nobody cares”.

So, I went on my merry way, deciding to stop at the Starbucks that’s about half way to work.  It’s usually empty and therefore quicker to get in and out of.  When you just get regular coffee, it’s annoying to wait for 50 people to spout off their beverage order that requires a 15 word description.  Don’t get me started on the people that ask for the barista’s to put their 3 packets of Splenda in the drink for them.  Really?

After I pull into the lot, I make my way through the bank teller lanes to get to the parking lot.  Just as I’m mid-turn, I notice a huge red truck coming in my direction.  In the two seconds that felt like an eternity, I did everything but get to my horn.  I shouted, “Hey!  What are you doing?!?” and threw up my hands.  Of course, this isn’t helpful when the other driver can’t see you.  Therefore, there was the inevitable game of bumper cars.   Which isn’t as enjoyable when it’s your car and you are 1 minute away from having your day’s first sip of industrial strength coffee.

We both pulled over and got out of our cars.  It actually took him about 2-3 minutes to get out of his, while I “patiently” waited with my hands on my hips, squinting into the sun.  What the eff are you waiting on, I thought.  Bob Marley finally strolled over and we exchanged maybe 3 sentences.  Are you ok?  Yes.  Did you see me?  No.  Ok, well I’m going to call this in as soon as I get to work.  I also offered up an “I’m sorry” as in “I’m sorry you just ran into me, you’re gonna have to pay”.  He didn’t really have a response for that.  And something tells me his insurance isn’t gonna except much liability either.  Given that it’s one of those companies that doesn’t require a credit check.  Even the lady at Enterprise, who loaned me a sweet Kia, said that insurance company was trouble.  Great.

After the 5 minute encounter, I walked over to Starbucks to get what I came there for.  Except, this time I said, “Make it a Venti, please”.


Oh, and the icing on the cake is that now when I take a left hand turn, my blinker decides to channel the obnoxious never-ending horn in the VW van from Little Miss Sunshine, and blinks at triple the speed of my other blinker.  Somehow, I forget about this everytime I need to make a turn.  And now it just makes me laugh.