And now, we finally get to Courtney and Jeff’s wedding, the whole reason for our journey to Precious Palacios.

I’m not one to gush about weddings, so I’ll just say it was a lovely ceremony and Courtney was a beautiful bride!  The reception started around 5:30 and believe me when I say it didn’t end until about midnight.  That’s a lot of drinking and dancing, y’all. 


The dinner fare was really good and included some shrimp.  Sadly there was no organic ketchup.  I had to suck it up and use cocktail sauce.  It’s already been over a week since that night, so my memory is starting to fade with the details.  I do recall lots of foam in my beer, and picking up 3 (count them THREE) pieces of wedding cake.  You know, just to try eat flavor.  And make my arse a little more prominent for booty shaking.

Which speaking of, the band was about 99.5% country music.  I don’t do much booty shaking in this scenario, but during the rock and roll jams, Stella got her groove back.  The highlight of the dance floor that night, for me,  was witnessing Kiera’s parents shake their rumps.  And I’m not just talking about lame two-stepping, I’m talking full out apple-bottom-jeans-boots-with-the-fur low, low, low.  It was priceless. 


I think Daddy and Baby had a good time, too.


Of course, there were other events on the dance floor, like the great March In and some kind of N’awlins style Mardi Gras parade.  I mean, there had to be something to fill up nearly 7 hours.  There was also some kind of Row, Row, Row Your Boat activity…


Later on there was the TCU photo op, as well as the AXO photo.  And as a nice little trinket, we AXO’s got together and sang the sweetheart song.  It was a miracle I still knew the words.  The part of my brain that stores song lyrics is truly amazing.  It is hands down the only part of my brain that successfully retains information.


Fast forward about 3 more hours of dancing and it was time for the newlyweds to peace out.  We gathered at the front of the reception hall and prepared ourselves to throw rice at the Kenners.  And by prepare ourselves, I clearly mean everyone throw their rice in my purse or down my dress.  Once back at the Luther, I estimated that I had at least a serving or two of rice on me.

 After another glorious night of sleep at the Luther, we were up out of that place early.  We took one more photo to document our trip, and then headed to Denny’s for breakfast.  Where we were served clumpy porridge by a meth addict.  Entertaining?  Yes.  Satisfying?  Not really.  Which I guess pretty much sums up our weekend.


HOLY COW… How could I forget?!?!?!  The bouquet!  Sadly, I did not catch it this time.  I did everything in my power to get it (stretching, throwing ‘bows, channeling my amazing hand-eye coordination), but it just wasn’t in the cards.   You can see I tried though…