This week I’ve been knee high in apartment hunting, but I’ve had a few blog worthy things to mention, so here it goes.

As most of you know, I really enjoy the nitrous I get from the dentist’s office.  However, after visiting my girl doctor this week, I’ve realized that’s the place you really need laughing gas.  There’s nothing too comforting or relaxing about that place, even the soft rock and hand croqueted stir-up coverings don’t do the trick.  It’s probably the most uncomfortable 15 minutes of my year, when I’m sitting on the table, half dressed in a gown that barely ties in the front, under a piece of paper, waiting my most awkward doctor’s knock on the door.  And when the knock comes, there’s uncomfortable conversation while the doctor does his thing.  Last year, we discussed people he knew that went to Austin High, this year we discussed the free Blue Bell samples I could get when I go to Brenham for Caroline’s wedding.  Even being a month into my no-sweets-Lent, this discussion didn’t even cause me to have a craving for Cookies ‘n Cream.

Next stop, my iPhone.  As if I didn’t enjoy talking on the phone before, I really do not enjoy it now.  For some reason, the only way I can hear people/talk to them is by having my phone on speaker.  Which I hate being on speakerphone anyways.  I’ve made an appointment with the Apple store to get it looked at on Friday.  So… until then, text or email is my preferred method of communication.  If I don’t answer, it’s not because I don’t want to talk to you (most likely), it’s because I don’t want the world listening to our conversation.

Last thought, and it’s a random one.  Do you ever have a phrase that you say to yourself all the time?  Like when you get really excited or really annoyed about something?  It’s sorta like the concept of having one default song you get stuck in your head when you don’t have another one stuck in your head?  Mine always used to be the William Tell Overture (classy, right?), but now I don’t really have one.  However, I do have a phrase.  And it’s an interesting one at that.

Blow me where the Pamper’s is.

You may be wondering why I say this and where does it come from?  It’s a line in the movie “PCU”.  The character is walking around campus stoned as a rock and an elderly lady comes up to him and he thinks she is saying this, when she’s really not…

Old Woman: Excuse me, but can you blow me where the pampers is?
Gutter: What?
Old Woman: Can you blow me where the pampers is?
Gutter: What?
Old Woman: Can you *show* me where the *campus* is?


It’s sad, but true… this is my default phrase when I’m annoyed.