March Madness is definitely my favorite event in the world of sports.  I’m sure many people would like to say that the Super Bowl is a much bigger deal.  But to me, the Super Bowl is for commercials and guacamole.  Much like Wimbledon is good company for a sandwich and chips on a summer day.  And how Nascar is good for… well… a redneck sunburn?

Basketball is the best sport to watch, in my humble opinion, because it’s fast paced.  And unless it’s the Spurs, I’d prefer to be watching college hoops.  I grew up on them, and as hard for me as it is to watch them and not play, I still enjoy the Madness. 

When I think about it, it’s really the only gambling I partake in during the year, aside from a Wheel of Fortune slot machine, of course.  I love keeping track of my picks and I love that it’s a legitimate excuse to not work.  Why?  Because the office has a pool and everyone is checking in on the scores constantly.  I’m not saying I’m waisting a lot more time on the Internet this week, I’m just saying my surf time is more comparable to everyone else’s since everyone is catching about as many waves as I am.  Usually, I’m catching a ton more than the bell curve.

I don’t really pay close attention to the season, except for watching the occassional Texas game (ahem… victory over Oklahoma).  So, when it comes time to make my picks, I chose winners based on a feeling I have.  For example, I had a feeling Michigan would upset Clemson, so I picked the Wolverines.  Of course, I also had a feeling Tennessee would upset OSU, and we see how well that turned out for me.  It’s ok, because it doesn’t really matter until you get to the finals.

And here’s the deal, Pickle.  If UConn wins, I’m in the money.  If they don’t, there’s always next year.