I’m probably the one person in a million who actually enjoys the dentist’s office.  And it’s not because I enjoy getting poked, prodded, scraped, flossed and waxed (or whatever you call the little gizmo that applies the strawberry flavored jazz).  It’s because, as I’ve said before, my dental hygenist gives me laughing gas.  After about 2 minutes of being hooked up with the stuff, I’m feeling really good.  So good, in fact, that my pulse registered 45(!) when she took my blood pressure. 

Before this dentist, I’d never had nitrous before.  I remember Sarah telling me about having it back in high school when she got her wisdom teeth taken out.  She got to listen to music while it was going on and I believe she had some crazy hallucinations to Big Head Todd.  I haven’t had any experiences quite this extreme, but I can say that the gas makes you feel like you’re two or three vodka’s down… on an empty stomach.

Life is really good at that point.  I’m pretty much inspired by anything and everything the dental hygenist and I talk about.  She asked me if I had watched The Bachelor finale, of course I didn’t, but did I want to hear what she thought about it?  Sure.

Another sweet thing about the dentist’s office, is that they always (in every one I’ve ever been in) play soft rock.  Majic 95.5, The Quiet Storm, Delilah, Steven Michael Kerr.  Elton John, The Carpenters, Bread… it only adds to the relaxing experience.  And being on nitrous only enhances my love for soft rock.

With all this being said, it’s no wonder I always opt for the last appointment of the day.  I like to be able to roll out of there and roll home, cause I’m definitely in no state to go back to work.