As most of you know, I’ve been toying a lot lately with the idea of jumping ship from Accounting.  I’ve been researching different ideas from teaching to physical therapy and I feel like my head is in a constant tailspin of information, deadlines and timelines. 

Luckily, I went to an info session on physical therapy this week and have safely crossed that idea off the list.  From the million science prerequisites I’d have to take, to the bandaging of wounds, to the 40 in 400 applications that get accepted to the program… I’ve decided it’s not worth the chance and it’s probably not for me.  Which sent me back to the drawing board.

But, today, TODAY, I had an epiphany.  I’m a believer in thinking that I was put on this Earth to do something in the health and fitness field.  But, I also do enjoy “business” and think I want to continue to do something related to that.  I’ve looked at graduate programs all over lately, all involving health and a lot of science.  Except, there’s one program at UT that isn’t straight science.  Sports Management.  The best of both worlds.  What do you do with that kind of degree?  Who knows.  But, the opportunities are limitless.  And what a great school to get that kind of education!  UT has a fantastic athletic department. 

I could still apply for Fall by sending in all my stuff by May 1.  And this may sound crazy, but I am think I am gonna go through the application motions full throttle.  I need to take the GRE.  I need to get 3 letters of recommendation.  I need to fill out my application.  And I need to write one heckuva personal statement.

All of which I think I can do relatively quickly and relatively well.