About a month ago my Mom received this email:

Hi Michaela,

My name is Liz Hoffmaster. We bought your house at 3200 Bryker Dr in 1997. Last year we remodeled and found this sweet note that Emily Clark wrote on the sheetrock in the closet. The workers cut it out and we still have it. We thought Emily might smile to see it so if you have an address for her we could sent it to, I would like to do that.

Many thanks and happy holidays,

I had completely forgotten about that note until I saw this email.  And then the memory of drafting this letter on a note pad and then squeezing into my tiny closet to write it on the wall all came back to me.  I couldn’t remember what I had said and had no idea that I had said so much, until I saw the actual sheetrock.  When my parents decided to sell that house I was so upset… we had lived there from the time I was 4 to the time I was 15 and so I had a million and one memories.  It was a great neighborhood, my BFF lived two houses down, and the house was just cool. 

When I was in Austin a couple weekends ago, we stopped by to see the house now and pick up my letter.  It looks totally different, except for the mantel in the living room.  They did a wonderful job remodeling and I definitely want to buy this house from them they day they are ready to sell!  Of course, I’ll need mucho dinero for that to happen. 

Here is the sheetrock… I put a running shoe next to it so you can see how long it is.  And yes, that is my freshman basketball picture I taped up there with masking tape… it held together well!


Dear 3200 Bryker Dr.

Oh how the years have passed us,
We were together for only 12 short years.
All the memories we share, will never be forgotten.
I can only pray that we will be together again, though I cannot promise.
You shared my laughter and eased my pain.
We tried to make you better, but found out that you were already perfect.
I grew up here with you and I shall take everything with me, as I must venture on in life.
I wish I didn’t have to, but you must know, that was out of my control.
I did everything in my power to stay,  but it didn’t work out the way I planned.
Believe me, it breaks my heart to leave you.
I hope that your future owners take good care of you.
As I write you this poem, I leave a part of me here with you, and
I hope your new owners don’t cover it up or anything like that.
I wish you the best of luck with your future, and I can tell you,
Mine won’t be the same without you.
You have all my love, 3200 Bryker Dr.
I shall always love and remember, don’t forget, miss you.
I end saying this prayer for the both of us:

Dear Lord,
Please let us be together again, meanwhile protect us from evil.



Emily Clark
June 8, 1997 

I think I was the most sentimental 15 year old in the history of all teenagers!  Last night I went through my grandma’s photo album to pull out some pictures of the house…

My favorite tree.  I loved to climb up there and lookout.  img1

Said BFF, Ross, and I cracking egg cascarones over each other.

There was a bamboo wall of sorta to the left of our house.  Bamboo just rocks.

And let’s not forget the coolest birthday party that neighborhood will ever see.  Yes, this was the beginning of my ugly boy haircut.

One of a handful of times I wore a dress.  And the mantel that still remains!img_0008

The front porch.  img_0005

I couldn’t have asked for a cooler house to grow up in.  Maybe one day my kids will say the same thing!