Maybe it’s me
Maybe I bore you
I know-know it’s my fault
‘Cause I can’t afford you
Maybe, baby, Puffy, Jay-Z
Would be better for you
‘Cause all I could do was love you

Holla Holla Hollaaaaaaaa!

Last night was the John Legend concert and was it good!  Aside from being the minority, we had a great time.  And the people watching couldn’t have been better.  I only wish Jamila had been there to introduce me to some new names and phrases for the way some of those clowns were dressed. 

Exhibit A being the white linen suit pimp.  I tried to capture the whole outfit in one shot, but I had to break it in two.  Look at those old school Nike’s!

legend1  legend2

John sang pretty much all of his songs and there was only one I didn’t know.  Sha-zam!  However, the section we sat in was rather awkward.  The lady to my right, who was wearing the deepest plunging v-neck shirt ever, brought her 10 year old daughter to the show and proceeded to yell “WE LOVE YOU JOHN” every time the crowd was quiet.  We were near the balcony… really?  Before John came out she kept talking to me about how relieved she was that it wasn’t freezing cold outside.  Not because she hates the cold and we have to walk a mile to our cars, but because if it were cold, everyone would be in here with huge puffy jackets and we would be even more crowded in our seats.  Of course, I was holding my coat in my arms the entire time.

She also walked out when the show was over only to come back 3 minutes later.  I was still standing in the same spot I had been standing in all night when she says to me, “yeah, they say he’s going to come back out for another 2 songs”.  Good to know.  Have you ever BEEN to a concert before?

There was also a Jamaican lady behind us who sang along to every song out of key.  Perhaps it was due to her accent… “Wee jut odinay peeple, dis dime we shud ta eh slow“.  Ya, mon.


It was a great show and let me just say… it was great to watch him for that hour and a half.  He knows how to work the crowd.