Just when I was having second thoughts (maybe two of them) about leaving the world of accounting, this week slapped me right back into reality. 

I. Am. So. Over. My. Job.

Checked. Out.

You get?

Every single accrual entry I have turned in in the last week has come back with corrections.  I think I seriously had a higher accuracy rate in Astronomy class.  And we all know I failed that sucker.  I mean, come on.  I’ve been here two years, I should be able to do things darn near perfect by now.  Granted I did just switch to a new fund, so some things are new, but not that much.  Or maybe its that fund accounting is miserable.  Which is definitely a valid point.

Every time I see a shadow appear on my computer screen, I know my assistant controller is leaning over the back of my cube, ready to hand back comments.  Which requires me to remove the earbuds from my ears to listen.  Which is really annoying, especially after you’ve received at least 15 comments so far that day.  I smile, a weak smile, and nod along like I give a rat’s you know what, accept the comments and plop them back onto my desk.  At which point I decide to take an Internet break to blow off my anger and annoyance. 

And today I think I have tyed out the internet.  I’ve looked at all my blogs multiple times.  The news on Yahoo doesn’t seem to change as often as I’d like.  Maybe I should resort to taking those ridiculous quizzes we used to take in college to waste time.  “Which Character From Full House Are You?”.  Today I am Stephanie Tanner.  I keep getting crapped on.

I’m going to come up with a survival guide that will get me to May.  Look forward to upcoming tips of inspiration not to go postal on your job.