Well, it looks like a year’s worth of my hard work was all for nothing.  Shocking.  A company that I worked for on an EY project recently threw in the bankruptcy towel.  I probably shouldn’t disclose names, so for the sake of protecting the “innocent”, we’ll call them Rotel. 

I made some of my very best friends on this project, so at least there was something to smile about.  And I did find an amazing, yet simple, salad that I got to eat almost everyday for those 12 months.  But, beyond that… I’m not sure what else to say.

It was on my second round of Project Rotel when things really started getting absurd.  Our team was small and the client was stressed and they kept asking us to move mountains in no time.  Jamila and I were going CRAZY.  In fact, not an hour would go by without one of us singing out loud, “does that make me CRAZY?”.  We worked until 10 or 11pm most nights, ordering in food from Jason’s Deli.  It’s probably the only time I’ll ever in my life order a SALAD and have it served with NO LETTUCE.  Come on, Jason’s. 

Once the rest of our 4 person team would leave for the evening, Jamila and I would just work along singing to each other.  It was entertaining and while the work was MISERABLE, I still enjoyed the time.  We had a lot of laughs.  Until one week when they asked us to get like a couple MONTH’S worth of work done by EOW.  End of week.  Asphinctersayswhat?  So, I took the liberty of rewriting the lyrics to the Dixie Chick’s “Not Ready To Make Nice” song to reflect our situation.  In honor of Rotel…

This week, sounds good.
All done? I’m not sure I could.
They say we’ll help with everything,
But I’m still waiting.

I’m through with my part,
There’s nothing left for me to sort out.
I’ve sent the emails,
And I’ll keep sending.

I’m not ready to throw in the towel.
I’m not ready to back down.
I’m still frazzled as hell and
I don’t have time to go round and round and round.
It’s too late to make your deadline I probably wouldn’t if I could,
‘Cause I’m frazzled as hell and I
Can’t bring myself to work 24/7 even if you think I should.

I know you said
Can’t you just get it done?
It turned my whole week around
And I didn’t like it.

I bring my sweats and change after hours,
With no regrets and I don’t mind sayin’
It’s a sad sad story when a client will teach her staff to get hated by a perfect stranger.
And how in the world can the questions I asked
Send somebody so over the edge
That they’d write me an email
Sayin’ if a tree fell and nobody heard
Would my life still be over?

We used to have to email employees at Rotel and request information from them. Due to the nature of their business and that most everyone there was loony, they didn’t really appreciate these requests. Even if we were helping them in the long run. One day I got an email back from a guy telling me that the information I was requesting wasn’t really necessary to what I was doing and that “if a tree fell in the middle of the woods and nobody heard it, would it matter?”.  Thanks jack@ss! Is it surprising your company is now toast?

So… best of luck to all you Rotel tomatoes out there.  Thanks for the memories!  Oceanaire and The Mansion were quite nice.  Thanks and Gig’em!