It was another enjoyable weekend in the neighborhood.  In fact, any day that does not involve work can be deemed enjoyable in my book.  I did accomplish some shopping, a couple of good workouts and I even got a haircut.  Which I was in need of BADLY. 

I really wish Abel could style my hair everyday.   In fact, as I sat in his chair Saturday I pondered the thought that if he and I were to date, would he style my hair everyday?  Or at least on the weekends?  But, then I thought a little more (surprising, huh?) and realized that if he and I didn’t work out, I’d have to find a new hair stylist.  Which would be like the ends of the Earth.  So, I decided to just continue seeing him every couple of months and keep it strictly platonic.

Saturday night was dinner and hanging out with the crew.  We all met at MJ’s since she’s sorta in the middle.  I managed to get myself arrested once I got to their apartment.  Don’t worry, I arrested myself with John’s handcuffs… just for kicks.  Luckily, he had the key because those suckers hurt!  Note to self: don’t get arrested on the real. 

We had dinner at a Mexican restaurant and lucky for us, we got to sit by the kitchen door.  I think I still smell like fajitas today.  And I’ve had 3 showers since then.  After dinner, was more hanging out and some of your, you know,  run-of-the-mill leg wrestling.


Sunday was filled with Church, coffee, shopping, working out, cleaning and cooking for the week.  I’m good on lunches and dinners to Friday.  Hooty hoo!