Here is a recipe from the Lake Austin Spa that I recently tried and loved.  I’m a chili fan, but I don’t eat it often because usually its not made very healthy.  This is a vegetarian version, but still tastes great!  Especially if you love lentils.  I’m amazed at how thick and filling this recipe is, considering its made primarily of water and spices!  However, there are a few tweaks I made to the recipe, for simplicity’s sake…

*I bought my lentils from the bulk section at Whole Foods.   I used green lentils for the first batch of chili I made.  The second batch I used orange.  It just depended what was in stock!  I’m not a lentil expert, but I am guessing they are one in the same.

*I used tomato paste, not puree.  Not really sure where to find the puree and the paste does the job just fine! 

*When the recipe first calls for you to add water, I put in 4 cups.  I added a 5th cup at the end when it calls for you to check the seasonings.

*I skipped the food processor step the second go round and really, I don’t notice a big difference.