Today is a real special day.  Not only is it Elvis’ Birthday, but its also my 100th blog post.  I think its fitting.  Elvis would have been 74 today.


Today is a day of celebration.  A time to reflect on how the world is a better place having had Elvis, even if for just 42 short years.  I honor his birthday in a number of ways.  I Tivo all the Elvis movies that are set to air.  I eat a peanut butter and banana sandwich.  I listen to Elvis all day long.  And this year I’m adding two new traditions to the list.  Amy and I are going to Chuy’s tonight for their Elvis Bash and afterwards we are going to eat some of the chocolate/peanut butter/banana pie that I made last night.  It has at least 10,000 calories in it, I’m sure.

Continuing with the tradition I started back in August, I have a new Top 10 Things Elvis list for you.  Drumroll, please……………

Top 10 Facts About Elvis You Probably Didn’t Know
10. Graceland is the second most visited house in the United States.  Coming in right behind the White House, of course.
9. Elvis was born in a shotgun shack and lived in housing projects as a child.
8. Elvis had a twin brother, Jesse, who died at birth.
7. Elvis and Priscilla first met and began dating when she was 14.  He was 21.
6. Elvis didn’t drink.  He drank too much brandy one night and it scared his mom, so he refused to ever drink again.
5. His typical breakfast included a pound of bacon  (even in his thin days).
4. He once flew 22 friends to Denver on a whim to get peanut butter sandwiches.  These particular sandwiches were made of a load of white bread, jar of peanut butter, and a pound of bacon.  Estimated at 13,000 calories each.
3. On the day he died, he sang one final song, “Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain”.
2. In December of 1970, Elvis met with President Nixon in the White House in order to become a “Federal Agent-at-Large” in the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs.  Elvis obtained the badge and in return thanked Nixon by giving him a handgun.  This photo taken of them remains the most requested item from the National Archives (more requested than the Bill of Rights or the Constitution).
1. When Elvis died, he had about one million left in the bank.  After his father died two years later, Priscilla took over the estate and decided to open it up to the public.  Since then, Elvis Presley Enterprises has grown to be worth over $250 million dollars.  Elvis routinely tops Forbes list of highest paid dead celebrities, clocking in at around $40 million a year.

Happy Birthday, Elvis.