It was a fun Christmas this year because it was Rocky’s first!  Well, I guess he technically had a Christmas last year, but it wasn’t spent in his “forever home”.  He definitely made out like a bandit this year!


The tradition at Mom’s is that we stretch out the gift opening for as long as possible.  One person goes at a time and we take breaks to refill on coffee and to grab another piece of Shortbread (which is always in the stockings!).  We open gifts in the same order (Mom, Dan, Emily) until there are only gifts left for moi.  Once the gifts are over, we move on to the stockings.  I think this whole process lasted almost 3 hours this year.  Not too shabby.


At around noon, we finally had breakfast.  My Mom began picking up cinnamon rolls from The Kitchen Door when I was a little tyke and it’s become another tradition to have them on Christmas morning.  They are so freaking delicious!

Mom and I got matching jackets from Banana Republic.  She bought the jacket for me while we were out shopping in Memphis and fell in love with it but unfortunately they didn’t have her size.  Sneaky little me found it online, claiming they only had her size in purple, and ordered it without her knowing.  The jacket sorta reminds me of the the Beatles “Help” album cover, so we tried to recreate it…



Rocky’s big Christmas gift was a new bed.  He got in it immediately and took probably 5 or 6 naps throughout the day.


Little did my parents know that their son, Charlie, would have wanted one, too.  I think he was only slightly jealous of Rocky…


I managed to also accumulate a new printer (yay for scanning stuff for my blog… I guess it’s gettin’ pretty serious), lots of soaps, a ton of Aveda shampoo, an Elvis coffee table book and endless amounts of Anderson’s coffee.  Oh and let’s not forget my one month’s supply of gum… it’s even in order!


We spent the afternoon napping, working out and then we fixed our traditional Christmas dinner: steak, sweet potatoes and brussels sprouts.  I know you are jealous!  I gave Mom the Sex and The City movie, so we watched it afterwards.  All in all, a pretty swell day.

Here are the rest of the Christmas pics.