I figured I should split my Christmas blogs up into pieces just cause I felt like it.  And I’m almost to 100 blog posts, which I feel is a major accomplishment.  Go me!

Since I’m a product of two households, I have to make my rounds each time I go to Austin, especially over the holidays.  Christmas is celebrated with my Dad on the 24th and with Mom on the 25th. 

We went out for our family dinner on the night of the 23rd and then opened gifts afterwards.  The next night, Christmas Eve, we have a dinner party with the whole family… and anyone else who wanted to come.  ESM (YES I AM MENTIONING YOU!!) made lasagna and it was delicious! 

It’s been tradition that we play games after dinner.  Sometimes they are Christmassy, sometimes they are not.  Our first game is called “The Night Before Christmas”.  Why?  Because its played to the sound of ESM reading “The Night Before Christmas”.   It involves three wrapped gifts that we pass to the right every time we hear the words “A” or “AND” and to the left each time we hear “THE”.  I capitalize each of those words for a reason.  In order for us not to miss a single word, ESM over exaggerates (times a million) those three words.  Now that Gamma has new hearing aids, everything was coming in loud and clear.  I think she was concerned that they might get ruined because of ESM’s loud tone…


Whoever ends up with the gifts at the end of the game gets to open it and see what they won.  This could range from a dollar bill to a plastic pile of dog doodle.  Clearly, the stakes are high. 

Halle and I snuck off into the guest room for some quality mirror time.  I pointed to myself in the mirror and asked, “who is that?” and I got her to say “Auntie Em” for the first time.  It was a sweet moment.  We then started imitating each other and taking pictures…



Unfortunately, Papa was sick and couldn’t make it to the house for our evening of fun.  Without him around, ESM and Tess have no discipline.  They started arguing over who is the prettier daughter…


After the show was over, I headed back to Mom’s. As it turns into the wee hours of Christmas morning, I am usually putting the finishing touches on my Christmas gifts and watching part of the 24 hour “Christmas Story” marathon. I love that movie.